Think small – Begbroke Science Park launches nanotechnology workshop for teachers

Science teachers visited Begbroke Science Park to take part in their first CPD Nanotechnology Workshop for teachers

The Nanotechnology day for teachers is a new event in Begbroke Science Park’s Schools Programme this year, and is an extension of the Practical Nano Science event currently targeted at Year 8/9 students. The vision for the workshop was to bring teachers together at the Park, showing them cutting-edge science and giving them resources to take back into the classroom.

After an introductory talk on nanoscience and nanotechnology, the 11 teachers were guided through four sets of hands-on experiments, giving them an understanding of the length scales of nanotechnology and the different properties of nanomaterials. The teachers also had the opportunity to synthesise gold and silver nanoparticles and make their own dye-sensitised solar cells. These experiments can be repeated easily in the classroom.

After lunch, Professor Peter Dobson (OBE) led the teachers on a tour of the laboratories at Begbroke Science Park, giving them an insight into research activities and commercial applications of nanoscience and nanotechnology. The tour also acted as a window on the variety of future career opportunities offered by the continued study of science.

Dr Christiane Norenberg, Nanotechnology Programme Manager at Begbroke Science Park, remarked: “I found it very rewarding to share my knowledge with the teachers and I hope to meet more science teachers at Begbroke at future ‘nano’ events.” The day was a huge success, and all the teachers felt that this type of event was needed to enable them to keep up with cutting-edge science.

Rosi Rizzieri, physics teacher at Elizabeth Woodville School, Milton Keynes, commented: “I went home full of enthusiasm and wanting to try out my new knowledge on my students as soon as possible.”

If you would like to register early for Nano Teachers Day 2014, please get in touch at