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IGGLU Property Developement - Credit: Archant

Discover IGGLU, a North West based property developer.


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IGGLU is a North West based property developer who has fully embraced the exacting German Passivhaus build standard in all its projects.

This methodology and approach is one of the Worlds’ leading low energy build standards and was developed in the early 90’s by a German physicist Dr Wolfgang Feist. The goal was to create buildings of uniform comfort throughout with high levels of clean fresh air. This was achieved using five key principles in the design and

construction: Ultra high levels of insulation, high levels of air tightness, thermal bridge free construction details, high performance triple glazed windows and Mechanical Ventilation with heat recovery.


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The Passivhaus standard is able to deliver homes that typically use 90% less energy than an equivalent traditional home, provide uniform comfort throughout with minimal temperature fluctuations and a clean filtered source of constant fresh air promoting health and wellbeing.

Each of the homes we build, undergo rigorous quality controls to ensure each element of the building’s design, fabric and construction meets or exceeds the Passivhaus targets. Within our organisation we have a number of Passivhaus certified trades people, designers and consultants to ensure we adhere to the highest quality standards at all times. For example, the latest UK standard for buildings air tightness (measured in Air Changes per hour) is 10. This is a measure of how ‘leaky’ a building is, the higher the number the more difficult it is to heat and maintain at a steady temperature. To put this into context, 10 is the equivalent of leaving a window fully open all year round! In total contrast, the Passivhaus standard

requires this level to be 0.6 or less on every building not just sample ones as in the UK. As you will see the Passivhaus standard is far better than even the latest UK standard by an order of magnitude.

When IGGLU began to look at the best method of developing houses, we rapidly came to the conclusion that it just makes good sense to use the Passivhaus standard and why would you use anything else? Once you understand the principles behind the standard everything else seems to be a compromise and I for one no longer look at houses in the same way as my eyes have been well and truly opened. People ask whether it’s more expensive to build and buy a Passivhaus home, the answer is No – if you have the right team, approach and attention to detail as we do at IGGLU.

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Finally, we practise what we preach and one of our prestigious projects in Knutsford will soon become the first Certified Passivhaus in Cheshire, you’re welcome to come along and have a look.

Visit www.igglu.build for more info.