30 things to do during the 30 Days Wild campaign

Bug hotel

Bug hotel - Credit: Tom Marshall

The Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild campaign to help you connect with nature kicks off again this month. Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s Tom Marshall shares 30 ideas for you to try.

Collecting wild berries

Collecting wild berries - Credit: n/a

If you haven’t heard of the Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild campaign, then research conducted after last year’s record-breaking month might just get you up and about this June.

For those spoken to in a detailed study conducted after the four week-long initiative, people said they felt healthier, happier and more connected to nature. Two months after the event, there was a 30 per cent increase in an overall feeling of healthiness.

To make things a little easier for you, we’ve chosen 30 activities for you to mix and match this June – from some that will take just a few minutes each day, to others which promise a day-long adventure with the family. You can get hold of your 30 Days Wild pack at wildlifetrusts.org/30DaysWild.

Share a sunrise

We’re blessed with an amazing east coast in Yorkshire, try the Flamborough Headland or Spurn Point for big skies and the best moment of the day.

Make a wildlife des res

Experience a wildflower meadow

Experience a wildflower meadow - Credit: Tom Marshall

From a grand ‘bug hotel’ to a humble nestbox, why not welcome some natural neighbours in your back garden. There’s top tips and advice at ywt.org.uk.

After dark detecting

Join a bat walk or treat yourself to a bat detector to listen in on the night time chatter of our only flying mammal – and summer’s natural insect repellent.

Roll out the green carpet

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Do away with the shoes and socks and get the grass between your toes for a relaxing lunch break.

Rockpooling at the Living Seas Centre

Rockpooling at the Living Seas Centre - Credit: Tom Marshall

Peer at a peregrine

Did you know the world’s fastest falcons nest in central York, Leeds and Sheffield? Keep your eyes to the skies or join a viewing project.

Hedgerow harvest

From wild garlic pesto to autumn blackberries, why not get Mother Nature’s larder on your menu but always leave some for the birds.

Feed your downtime

Try a bird feeder on an office window for a break from the PC and a different office gossip. A great range of feeders are available at YWT Potteric Carr, Doncaster or head to the Trust’s online shop

Sea thrift

Sea thrift - Credit: Anna Guthrie

Walk on the wild side

Check out muddy footpath patches for tell-tale signs of deer, foxes or badgers.

Flowers in her hair

The Summer of Love is reborn with adding a flower or two in your locks on a sunny summer day.

Magnificent meadows

Spurn lighthouse

Spurn lighthouse - Credit: George Stoyle

Take a walk at Brockadale (Pontefract) or Staveley (Boroughbridge) where meadows come alive with butterflies and dragonflies.

Pen a poem

From the lark ascending to daffodils, the great outdoors offers plenty of inspiration to put pen to paper.

Back of the net

You can really score with a day pond-dipping with the kids, who knows what creatures you’ll discover.

Take a splash in the rain

Take a splash in the rain - Credit: Matthew Roberts

Make a difference

Take a moment to write to your local MP about wildlife issues near you, and give nature a local voice with your help.

Head on safari

As seen on BBC’s Countryfile, Spurn Point is now Yorkshire’s newest island. Join Yorkshire Wildlife Trust on a 4x4 adventure that also takes in one of northern England’s tallest lighthouses. ywt.org.uk/Spurn-Safaris.

Tweet tweet

Take a break from the heavy issues of the day and share a picture or moment with nature on Twitter or Facebook.

Volunteers take a breather

Volunteers take a breather - Credit: Matthew Roberts

The X Factor

With an amazing array of apps, why not listen and learn a new bird call every day and see who’s centre stage.

Dawn chorus

If you’re on the early shift, join nature’s own early risers and absorb the choir in the trees.

Green fingers

Stirley Farm near Huddersfield has loads of great tips on how to make your backyard a feast for the dinner table. There are events and volunteering opportunities throughout the summer ywt.org.uk/stirley.

Time share

Wildlife volunteering opens up the chance of healthy exercise, new friends, life skills or even a new you.

Ditch the disposable

We throw away seven million un-recyclable coffee cups a day. Why not swap yours for a reusable option?

Artificial intelligence

If you’re in the garden, resist the temptation to go plastic for your lawn – the birds, bees and butterflies will love you for it.

Rock by the pool

A low tide expedition to delve into the region’s rock pools is a must for all the family, grab the top tips from the YWT Living Seas Centre at Flamborough or join a Seashore Safari.

Peer at a puffin

Now’s the perfect time to spot our favourite seabird. Head to the Flamborough Headland for a host of opportunities at Bempton and North Landing, on shore and on the water. yorkshirenaturetriangle.org.uk.

Take on a river race

When was the last time you played ‘pooh sticks’? With everyone in the family and their chosen vessel, all you need is a stream and the race is on.


Was Robin Hood from Yorkshire? The debate rolls on but you can still find some magnificent vantage points climbing the trees he found such a des res. Stay near the trunk and don’t go higher than you feel comfortable with.

Butterfly banquet

Whether a wild corner of the garden or a single pot, a sprinkle of wildflower seed will bring the butterflies and bees in to join you for dinner.

Swap the small screen for the green screen

Ninety seven per cent of youngsters have now used a smart device (phone or tablet) and may spend a fifth of their day looking at a screen. Why not engage the camera function instead and get them to find some great snapshots in nature.

Stars of the show

On a clear night, your eyes can quickly adjust to the cosmos above, look for satellites or even a shooting star in the inky skies.

Make a splash

No British summer will be without a bit of rain but why not don your waterproofs and head out for a splash with the family, to get all the smells and sensations of weather.

Get a warm fuzzy feeling

After 30 Days Wild is over, why not join the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and know that you’ll be making a difference for local wildlife, every day of the year. Go to ywt.org.uk/membership.

Sign up to the challenge to receive a 30 Days Wild pack (subject to availability) which includes: a packet of UK native wildflower seeds, activity sheets, a calendar to plan and record your adventures, stickers and a poster. Schools and businesses are also welcome. This year’s Yorkshire 30 Days Wild is sponsored by St Helen’s Farm. Visit ywt.org.uk/30DaysWild for more information and to sign up.

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