Stisted vegan cider mill putting Essex on the cider-making map

The Big Bear Cider mill makes vegan cider in Stisted.

The Big Bear Cider mill makes vegan cider in Stisted. - Credit: The Big Bear Cider

When you think of Essex, you may not think of cider. However, The Big Bear Cider Mill is challenging that perception and giving new life to the county's countryside at the same time. 

Based in Stisted, in the picturesque north Essex landscape, the company makes quality cider that’s modern and vibrant.

The Big Bear has regenerated a disused gravel pit into a flourishing orchard, with more than 3,000 trees in 20 different varieties and bees naturally propagating the pesticide-free orchard. 

In 2020, The Big Bear Cider Mill launched the delicious Essex Gold Rush - a clear, golden, vegan sparkling cider with a clean apple taste.

Using only locally sourced apples and packaging the product in cans makes this cider one of the most sustainable alcoholic drinks you can consume - cheers to that! 

What’s more, the company offers fun and educational tours and tastings where you can explore the orchard and learn about the process.

You can also pop in on a Thursday evening to visit the Tap Room, which is nestled in the orchard, to sip cider under the stars.

The Barn, Tumblers Green, Stisted, Braintree, CM77 8AZ;

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