Quick bites

Our reviewer pays a quick visit to the Zen Noodle Bar in Bury St Edmunds


Our Quick Bites reviewer discovers pleasures of the Far East in a Bury St Edmunds back street.

Where is the Zen Noodle Bar?

Tucked away in a street behind the landmark Angel hotel in Bury St Edmunds.


Is it nice inside?

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Yes, bright and airy . . . all wood and chrome. The seating (tables and stools) is a bit low so it’s rather like going back to school but that adds to the fun.

You order on a menu card and hand to the waiter or waitress. You can eat with chopsticks or opt out and go for a knife and fork.


While once a best kept secret, that isn’t the case now?

No, it’s usually busy and popular with food experts too . . . by that I mean people who work in the industry and know about kitchens/menus/food production, etc. EADT Suffolk isn’t going to name names but some influential company leaders sometimes eat here. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly with quite speedy service.

Who eats there?

Businessmen, couples, families, groups of friends….it seems to have broad appeal. It’s not far from the Theatre Royal so seems to cater for theatre goers too.

What did you have?

Quite a range. Our starters included prawn toasties, duck rolls, king prawns and pork ribs. Mains included a chilli chicken, two noodle dishes for the youngest in our party and a sweet and sour chicken. We had one or two desserts so, with drinks, our bill came to around �80 for five. We went in for a quick bite and it turned into something bigger! That said the quite generous mains at around �10 each should satisfy those just wanting to pop in and try this interesting little restaurant.

Any complaints?

No, not really. It was as good as ever, though, as we found out, the bill can easily creep up if you go for three courses.

 Zen Noodle Bar, 6 Angel Lane, Bury St Edmunds. Tel 01284 723559

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