Norwich distiller Bullards unveils new gin

Bullards gins

Bullards gins - Credit: Archant

Award-winning distiller Bullards has unveiled a new gin and a new look that harks back to its Norwich heritage

Award-winning distiller Bullards has unveiled a new gin and a new look that harks back to its Norwich heritage. Old Tom Gin is inspired by a drink popular in the late 18th and 19th centuries.

Bullards says it is ‘botanically sweetened with Norfolk honey and smooth mango softness at its core, overlaid with a spicy complexity that comes from pink pepper.’ As we have yet to try it we’ll have to take their word for it.

The new bottles have been designed by Stranger & Stranger to represent ‘The Spirit of Norwich’ and the brand’s strong ties to the city. The shape is inspired by the iconic chimney that towered over Bullards’ Anchor Brewery in Westwick Street.

The three gin flavours are differentiated by colour and the familiar ‘tipsy anchor’ trademark takes pride of place on the bottle front.

The new flavour will join Bullards two other gins, London Dry and Strawberry and Black Pepper, in-store later this month. The new flavour is available now from The Ten Bells in Norwich where Bullards gins are currently distilled on site.

Chairman of Bullards, Russell Evans, says; “We’re really proud to be based in the same city that has been home to Bullards for over 180 years, and we want to share that Spirit of Norwich with people across the world. The new packaging and bottles are a great way of paying homage to the brand’s heritage, along with a contemporary twist that reflects our high-end product. It gives us a refreshed identity that’s as unique as the flavours of our gin.”

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Bullards has submitted a planning application for Crystal House on Cattle Market Street in Norwich to house a new still. The 600-litre copper still is currently being hand-made in Stuttgart, Germany and will enable the company to quadruple production. Bullards plans to make the site a tourist attraction and destination, offering tours and tastings with a bar and restaurant.

Meanwhile, over the border, Adnams has launched a new pink gin, with six botanicals – juniper berries, orris root, coriander seed, cardamom pod, sweet orange peel and hibiscus flower with raspberry giving it the right hue and a fruity zing.