Eco-friendly Norfolk-made fertiliser is a hit with gardeners

PlantGrow can help gardeners make their gardens blooming marvellous

PlantGrow can help gardeners make their gardens blooming marvellous - Credit: Archant

An organic, vegan fertiliser created in Norfolk is proving a hit with gardeners and growers. Daniel Suggitt from PlantGrow tells us more

PlantGrow Natural fertiliser

PlantGrow Natural fertiliser - Credit: Archant

What is Plantgrow?

PlantGrow is a natural fertiliser which is kind to the environment and made from 100% plants. PlantGrow fertiliser comes in both liquid and solid forms which nurture soils the natural way without the need for chemicals. All products are wildlife safe, organic and vegan.

What is so special about it?

PlantGrow has proved over the last few years how plant ingredients are so much better for soils and plant health than artificial products. Its very easy to use and everyone can see the benefits.

How is it produced?

PlantGrow is produced through a renewable energy process called anaerobic digestion. Plant ingredients grown locally are fed into a sustainable, completely natural process which breaks down organic material in the absence of oxygen. This produces both liquid and solid forms as well as producing electricity.

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What feedback are you getting from users?

PlantGrow has simply received brilliant feedback from both hobby and well-known gardeners. Our feedback often mentions how plants look healthier with stronger growth, with more vigour. Our soil conditioning fertiliser often gets praise and can save watering by up to 50%. Our website mentions several success stories from experts. Which? magazine has just recommended PlantGrow liquids.

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Where can you use PlantGrow?

PlantGrow can be used anywhere in the garden or indoors where you have plants. Liquids mix with water and can be applied once a week; the solid material can be added in different ways to improve the soil fertility and structure.

Do you just make fertiliser?

No, we now have a larger range of products including a natural slug and snail barrier, which is non-toxic and safe. We also stock a vertical wall planter, blended composts and accessories including gloves.

PlantGrow is a Norfolk product - who are the people behind it?

PlantGrow was formed by Steve and Sarah Suggitt, after seeing results of the material on farmland in Norfolk from the blend of crops they were growing through their agricultural business.

In 2016, Steve’s brother Daniel Suggitt joined the company to introduce PlantGrow as a new horticultural product to the industry.

Where can people buy it?

PlantGrow can be purchased directly and in stores listed on our website.

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