The secret to a good night’s sleep: 7 must-know facts about shopping for bed linen

Beige, pink and white bedding with cooling technology from Heirlooms Linens in West Sussex

Bedding with temperature regulating properties will keep you cool at night and will still look stunning. - Credit: Heirlooms Linens

Trying to get a restful night’s sleep in summer can be a nightmare, so what can you do to ensure sweet dreams are the only thing on your mind tonight?

“People often think to invest in black-out curtains and pull-out the fans, but not to change their bed linens,” says Ruth Douglas, managing director of Heirlooms Linens in West Sussex. “However, suitable bedding is essential for providing the comfort you need to fall asleep peacefully.”

To help you on your quest for a good night’s rest, Ruth shares her top seven tips for choosing the perfect bed linen.

1. Pick bedding with advanced cooling technology

Bedding that offers temperature regulating properties, originally developed by NASA, which helps to keep you cool throughout the night. You can purchase mattress protectors, toppers, duvets and pillows using this technology and they need not be expensive!

“It feels cool to touch and is also a good choice for young children to prevent them from overheating and sleeping badly,” says Ruth.

2. Select the right fabric, weave and thread count

“The fabric you use is incredibly important, as it can completely alter the style and texture of your bedcover.

 Matching blue bedding and pale blue wall linen design from Heirlooms Linens in West Sussex

Matching your bedding with other elements of the room, including your walls, will create a refined and elegant look. - Credit: Heirlooms Linens

“I always recommend opting for 100 per cent cotton as it’s velvety to touch, breathable and moisture-absorbent,” Ruth says. “This prevents sheets from getting damp as you perspire, keeping them fresher for longer.”

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Linens can be woven in different ways to alter how soft the fabric feels.

“We work with specialist weave mills that use high-quality yarn for a luxurious and long-lasting finish,” Ruth explains. “You can choose between a sateen weave for a silky feel and pearlescent sheen or tightly woven percale, that’s crisp and cool to touch and has a matte finish.”

Remember to pay attention to the fabric’s thread count. The higher it is, the finer and more durable your bedding will be.

3. Invest in a quality fitted sheet

“Spending more on correctly sized and quality made fitted sheets can save you money in the long run,” Ruth reveals. “All too often after a few washes, sheets can shrink or loosen so they no longer cling to the mattress and stay in place, disrupting your sleep.”

Heirlooms Linens make sheets to exact measurements with a continuous elastic hem, to fit your bed perfectly no matter the size, and ensure it can tuck underneath the mattress to stay in place.

4. Find bedding that’s easy to clean

"100 per cent cotton sateen bed linens are by far the easiest to clean," Ruth says. "The mercerisation process used to acquire the sheen means the fabric only gets softer as it is washed." 

After washing, you can either line dry the sheets or add them to the tumbler dryer. 

"Take them out of the dryer while they are still damp. Shake them out, then hang on the line. I do this most of the time and hardly ever need to iron my bed linens," Ruth adds. 

Percale sheets will require extra attention. It's best to wash them on a low spin and iron them while they are damp to reduce creases. Percale dries faster so there's no need to add it to the dryer.

"To revive white linens, add a quarter cup of white vinegar to your wash cycle or to a bowl of stain remover to get rid of stubborn marks," Ruth explains.

Luxurious duvets, fitted sheets and pillows from Heirlooms Linens in West Sussex.

Heirlooms only work with specialist weave mills for luxurious and long-lasting bedding. - Credit: Heirlooms Linens

“We also use poppers for simple and quick fastening when changing your bed. These timer-savers can make an enormous difference to families that don’t want to waste time cleaning and instead have fun at the weekend.”

5. Select bedding colours that match your room’s décor

You can send photos of your bedroom to Heirloom’s team of expert designers so they coordinate your linens to match the curtains, rugs or walls. They can also provide fabric samples and colour charts to help you make your decision.

“As we manufacture all our linens in-house, we have greater control and flexibility and can design bespoke linens to suit your style,” Ruth says. “Matching your bed linen exactly to other elements within the room will produce a complementary and cohesive finish.”

6. Personalise your linens

“Your bedroom is a uniquely intimate space, and your bedding should reflect this,” Ruth says.

You can choose to embroider your initials, a monogram, a jacquard fabric border or piping for an added special touch.

“You can send us your own design or explore our website for inspiration. Our experts handcraft and check every element of the design, to ensure every stitch is just the way you want it,” Ruth says.

Personalised border bedding design by Heirlooms Linens in West Sussex

Add a personal touch to your bedding with jacquard fabric borders, piping or monograms. - Credit: Heirlooms Linens

Personalised bedding can also make a great wedding gift or present for someone you love. Heirlooms Linens offer gift vouchers perfect for friends and family.

7. Go for sustainable bedding options

Heirlooms have streamlined their manufacturing process to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.

“We want to do our part for the planet and by investing in high-quality linens, you can too,” Ruth says. “Our linens are created to be durable and long-lasting, meaning you won’t need to replace them in a few months and can cut down on waste.”

For over 30 years, Heirlooms Linens have combined using the finest materials and skilled craftsmanship to create stunning, long-lasting linens. We are the first choice for interior designers who are looking for expertise, quality and value for money.

“Given how much of our lives are spent in bed, it’s vital to us to ensure you have the materials you need for a restful night’s sleep,” Ruth says.

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