How to choose the right bed to ensure you get a good night’s sleep

Guide to buying the perfect bed from Peter Betteridge Furnishers in Devon

Getting a good night's sleep is vital for your mental, social and physical health, which is why it's so important to find the ideal bed for you. - Credit: Vispring

With research revealing the vital role sleep plays in our physical and mental health, as well as overall wellbeing, choosing the right bed has never been more important.

Emma Casson, director of Devon-based Peter Betteridge Your Bed Expert, says ensuring customers have a good night’s sleep has always been at the very heart of her business.

The family-run company, launched by her parents 50 years ago, works closely with leading quality bed supplier Vispring in advising customers on how to choose the right bed.

Expert bed and mattress advice from Peter Betteridge Furnishers in Devon

Visit one of the showrooms in Kingsbridge or Honiton and speak with a bed expert for recommendation on what mattress, base and pillows will best suit your needs. - Credit: Vispring

“Over the years we have focused on being a leading bed specialist,” she explains.“We offer everything from beds, mattresses and bedroom furniture, to duvets, pillows and bedding."

“People come to us because we are a sleep specialist – we understand the importance of having the right mattress, bed, pillows and bedding, and the value of good sleep and the benefits it brings to our customers' health, performance, happiness and wellbeing.”  

Poor sleep is often associated with increased risks of heart disease, obesity, gastrointestinal problems and dementia. It has been shown to impact mood swings, work performance and marital and relationship problems.

What is a luxury bed?

With stores in Kingsbridge and Honiton, Peter Betteridge Your Bed Expert sells products in-store and online. The company has worked with Plymouth-based Vispring for some 35 years, recognising its high-quality products and customer service complement its own aims.

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“We have worked with them for so long because we believe they sell a high-quality product and offer an excellent service,” Emma says.

Vispring mattress from Peter Betteridge Furnishers in Devon

Market-leading, Vispring beds have been handmade for over 100 years. - Credit: Vispring

Vispring has been operating since 1901 and made mattresses for the Titanic and other luxury liners. It is known for its high quality, natural materials and fillings, and comprehensive range of products, including state-of-the-art adjustable beds.  

Vispring offers a 30-year guarantee and a selection pledge where customers are able to change their mattress for a different mattress tension if required. 

 “If they try it out for 30 nights and still feel it is wrong, Vispring will change it – and we will collect and redeliver it – for no extra cost.”

Choosing a bed

People looking for a new bed often ask, ‘where can I find the best advice?’, and 'how do I find the right bed?’

Your Bed Expert always recommends people come into the store and dedicate as much time as possible to the process.

“This is a really important purchase,” Emma stresses. “It is essential to shop somewhere with a knowledgeable team so they can assist you. After all, you may well not have bought a bed for 10 or 20 years, and lots of developments in technology can change over that time.”

Vispring 90s decor bed from Peter Betteridge Furnishers in Devon

9 foot/270cm wide bed from Vispring at the Honiton store. - Credit: Peter Betteridge Your Bed Expert

Customers sometimes carry out their own research in advance and members of the team are always happy to take phone calls or respond to emails.

But, says Emma: “Ultimately, we do encourage them to come in as we are all very different in terms of what we like and what we need. When they do come in, we explain how the product they are interested in is made, its characteristics, how it will perform, and always recommend they try it out." 

“They need to lie down on it and relax; it is important to test it out in the position they usually sleep in at home, whether that is their side or on their back.”

She adds: “We give the same advice to people buying pillows from us. Choosing the right pillow can also make a huge difference to a night’s sleep.”

Is it better to sleep on a hard or soft mattress?

It is often thought that the firmer a mattress is, the better it is for the back. But what do the experts say?

“People used to say that the best thing for your back was to sleep on a mattress that was very firm,” Emma recalls. “But it has since been accepted that not to be true, it’s about keeping the spine straight, so if it’s too soft it won’t support you, if it’s too firm, it won’t allow the mattress to cradle you, and you’ll be on the surface without making an indent!"

"What is soft or firm in terms of a mattress is subjective to the size and shape of the person sleeping on it." 

“You want to have a posture that is straight as possible and a mattress supports you through the night. After that, it is down to personal preference.”

How much does a luxury bed cost?

As with everything, beds and mattresses are likely to be more expensive when they are of a high quality, Emma acknowledges.

“We sell premium brands from £500 right up to a several thousand pounds for top of the range items, with lower price ranges for guest rooms. But we have done a lot of research and believe we have something for everyone to fit their needs, requirements and budget."

“When we visit a factory, such as Vispring, we see why some beds cost so much more than others – it is about the amount and quality of filling and the way a bed is made. Like anything, having an understanding of how much has gone into a product allows us to appreciate the merits and values of different price ranges.”

A beautiful bed

Style is as important as comfort these days, and Vispring takes on board that customers are often prepared to invest in a bed that is attractive as well as durable.

“Years ago, divan sets didn’t look amazing, but now your divan bed can be the best piece of furniture in your bedroom because of the gorgeous fabrics used,” she says. "In our Honiton store we have a 9ft bed, like three 3ft beds zipped together – it is a beautiful piece of furniture.

“Comfort and how long a bed or mattress lasts are very important, but you also want furniture that looks wonderful for many years to come.”

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