How you can save money on servicing your Gas or Oil boiler

Business boiler checks and services by Asbury Heating Maintenance Ltd in Poole

Bi-annual boiler checks are ideal for commercial properties like restaurants, hotels and bars to ensure everything is working correctly. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Fixing a boiler can be quite expensive, but luckily, there are simple ways you can prevent costly repairs and keep your heating equipment in top condition.

Here to share the importance of servicing your heating equipment for a commercial property, Catherine Stratten from Asbury Heating Maintenance Ltd tells us how you can save money on repairing your boiler.

Q: How often should a commercial boiler be serviced?

Boilers are legally required to be serviced every 12 months. However, a large majority of our clients ask for their boilers to be serviced every six months for commercial properties such as hotels, restaurants, schools, care homes and private estates. 

Dan and Catherine Stratten, directors of Asbury Heating Maintenance Ltd in Poole

Dan and Catherine Stratten, directors of Asbury Heating Maintenance Ltd. - Credit: Asbury Heating Maintenance Ltd

Q: Why is it important for boilers to be regularly checked?

Regular boiler checks ensure the integrity of the equipment is consistently reaching a high standard. For many commercial properties that can’t allow for downtime on their boilers, checks every six months are ideal. If an issue is identified early on, this will reduce the time spent fixing or checking the boiler and prevent your boiler from being out of use for lengthy periods while it’s being fixed.

Q: How can you save money on boiler repairs?

Many problems that occur with boilers are often simple to resolve and fix, if dealt with early on. Therefore, we offer two different types of servicing for your boilers throughout the year. Our six-monthly minor services entail a visual check of the boiler, identifying any potential leaks, corrosion and ensuring the boiler is working properly. Our major services are performed annually in line with the manufacturer's instructions, involving a complete strip down of the boiler to assess the internal components and change gaskets if necessary.

By performing bi-annual maintenance alongside the required annual checks on your boiler, we can help to identify issues before they become more severe and result in more costly repairs, ultimately saving you money long-term.

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Q: Does it matter what type of company checks my boiler?

Yes, absolutely. Using a company that is not qualified in commercial gas means you are not legally covered by Gas Safe and therefore will not be insured and could be potentially prosecuted if something goes wrong.

Commercial buildings that use domestic boilers, like a church or a school, should be registered as having a commercial boiler because it is not heating a domestic home. This should therefore be checked by an engineer who is qualified in commercial gas and can offer the appropriate gas safety certification, so you can be sure your boiler is being assessed by an expert.

We offer 24/7 callouts for all our clients, promising to reach you within a maximum of four hours, but on average within two. Once the issue is identified, we will fix it immediately and have your boiler up and running within hours.

Our six engineers are qualified in both domestic and commercial gas, Oil and LPG. Asbury Heating Maintenance Ltd has been running successfully for over 60 years, so we are more than experienced in servicing and repairing boiler systems.

We have a friendly team of employees available to take your callout immediately in an emergency, so you do not have to go through an automated machine. We really pride ourselves on the personal touch we add to our service and the security this gives to our clients.

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