5 reasons to live in Ambleside


Ambleside - Credit: Archant

Paul Renouf, the founder of the Ambleside Online website, selected his five favourite things about the Lake District location.

1. ‘We have got such a good variety of independent shops selling pretty high quality stuff. You could usefully spend some time looking round the shops and find things you want. A lot of people come here to stock up on outdoor clothing too, we have an awful lot of retailers selling walking gear. It’s not easy to buy a pair of jeans, but you can choose from 10,000 varieties of anorak.’

2. ‘We’re at the northern end of Windermere and it’s very nice down by the lake where you can hire boats or take cruises. Ambleside is a great place for a walk as well. There’s lots of routes to explore, both short and long.’

3. ‘In my teens there was a trend for coffee bars but then they all disappeared. Now they’re back. We have lots of coffee shops and cafes and a new one has opened each year for the last five years. There’s some good pubs too, if you need something a bit stronger. Two of the best are the Queens Hotel and the Golden Rule, which has a very good selection of beers and is a nice old fashioned pub where you go for conversation.’

4. ‘Ambleside is right in the centre of the Lakes, with roads radiating out like the spokes of a wheel. It’s the ideal place to stay and visit all the places of interest in the area.’

5. ‘The town has a great sense of its own heritage. The older generation are very proud of its past and there is a great community spirit. There are umpteen local organisations for people of all ages and people always muck in and do good things for nothing. It all makes Ambleside a very nice place to be.’


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