Property expert’s top 7 tips to help you sell your home quickly, for the best price

Property selling tips from Dales & Peaks Estate Agents in Derbyshire.

Clear your kitchen surfaces and take down blinds to ensure your property looks its best for potential buyers. - Credit: Dales & Peaks

How can you increase the chances of selling your home?

Tom Currey from Dales & Peaks Estate Agents in Chesterfield, reveals seven easy ways to make your property look irresistible.

1. Tidy up your hallway

“First impressions are important. Hang up coats, put away shoes and invest in storage to help make your entryway look appealing,” Tom advises. “Potential buyers need to envision themselves living in the space and where their belongings can go, and a tidy space will make this easier for them to do,” he adds.  

Home selling advice from property experts Dales & Peaks Estate Agents in Chesterfield

Touch up paint and stick to a neutral colour palette to create a light, inviting space buyers will be enticed by. - Credit: Dales & Peaks

This can also be an ideal time to get rid of objects you no longer want. It will help you organise your house and means there will be fewer items for you to move into a new home.

2. Deep clean the house

“This may seem like common sense advice, but the little details can mean the difference between a quick sale, or a property remaining on the market,” Tom says.

Hoovering your carpets, cleaning the grout between tiles, putting away washing, and changing your bedsheets can help ensure your home looks its best. It’s also a good idea to spruce up the front of your house and make sure all your windows are sparkling clean.

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“Nothing is more off-putting than seeing grime on the windows. It’s said most buyers make up their minds within a few moments of arriving at home, so fantastic kerb appeal is key,” Tom says.

 3. Flood your home with natural light

Garden and home improvement tips for sellers from Dales & Peaks Estate Agents in Derbyshire

Trim your hedges and mow the lawn to spruce up your garden and create an attractive outdoor space. - Credit: Dales & Peaks

“Take down any net curtains, or tie back blinds and material window coverings to ensure ample natural light can enter the space,” Tom recommends.

“This will help showcase the true size of your property, will make it feel airy, open and more alluring.”

You should plan to take pictures of the property during the daytime, preferably when it’s sunny outside, to capture high-quality, attractive images that can be used to present and market your house online.

 4. Get busy in the garden

“Beautiful bold flowers and lively greenery is a great way to capture your buyers’ imaginations and make your home stand out,” Tom says.

“After the last year indoors, people are desperate for space. We’ve seen an increase in the number of people and first-time buyers searching for countryside properties, so now would be a good time to get green-fingered in the garden, to make sure it’s looking pretty.”

Simple improvements like sweeping the patio, mowing the grass and trimming your hedges can transform your outdoor space.

5. Make some small home improvements and repairs

Buying and selling property tips from Dales & Peaks Estate Agents in Chesterfield.

Make sure to clean every window so buyers have a clear view of your garden and the surrounding area. - Credit: Dales & Peaks

“Touching up or repainting a room can breathe new life into a space and reinvigorate your interior,” Tom says. “It’s always best to stick with a neutral colour palette – creams, greys and beiges – to keep your home looking sharp, sleek and charming.”

Time and money may impact your ability to carry out large home improvements, but ensuring a few minor repairs get done before showing buyers around can pay off.

“I recommend taking extra care to fix any holes in the walls, repair cracked tiles and relay torn or threading carpets to avoid buyers from being put off,” Tom says.

6. Create a warming, relaxing atmosphere

Property selling and house viewing advice from Dales & Peaks estate agents in Derbyshire

Change your bedsheets and add finishing touches like cushions and pillows to create a warm, attractive space buyers will feel at home in. - Credit: Dales & Peaks

“When giving people a tour of your home, it’s important to make them feel at ease and as if this a place where they can truly belong,” Tom says.

“Ventilate the house the day before a visit to eliminate any off-putting odours. Lay fresh sheets and towels for a pleasant aroma, and brew some fresh coffee before buyers arrive to entice them inside.”

“If you’re showing people around in the evening and it’s chilly outside, try lighting a fire to make them feel right at home,” Tom suggests.

7. Choose the right estate agent

“This is critical,” Tom says. “You need an estate agent who knows the property and area well to highlight its best features, which is often why choosing a local agency is best.”

Check out estate agent fees and reviews online to help you make your decision.

“Our agents are experienced at selling countryside properties, understand local house prices, and possess a keen insight about living and working in the surrounding region, ensuring you get the best price for your house,” Tom says.

“It’s also good if you get on with your estate agent and trust them – this will ease your stress, provide peace of mind and make the selling process run smoother.”

Dales & Peaks is an independent, family-owned estate agency based in Chesterfield. They can assist you with every step of the selling process from valuations, online marketing, to viewings, negotiating prices, land registry, stamp duty, and liaising with solicitors.

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