How a unique scholarship programme can improve your child’s education and future prospects 

Students studying for Derby Grammar School's unique scholarship programme in Derbyshire

Scholarships are a great pathway to help your child build a better and brighter future. - Credit: Martyn Poyner

Is your child considering applying for a scholarship, but you want more for their education than just reduced school fees?

Scholarships can often be seen as a way to make an independent education affordable, but there are many more advantages that come with them, including opening up more opportunities for their future. We speak to Derby Grammar School’s assistant head academic and digital Emma Ellis, who explains the additional avenues that can open up for your child if accepted onto the school’s unique scholarship programme.

Drama and music scholarships are on offer for students talented in the creative arts for Derby Grammar's scholarships

Art, drama and music scholarships are on offer for pupils talented in the creative arts. - Credit: Martyn Poyner

Q: What’s the importance of scholarships for pupils?

A: The obvious benefit, of course, is providing a gateway to an independent education for children and young people whose parents may not be able to afford it otherwise. However, being awarded a selective scholarship is also a prestigious addition to apprenticeship and university applications, so it helps to promote a brighter future for pupils.

Q: What types of scholarships do you offer at Derby Grammar School? 

A: We offer a wide variety of programmes in sport, music, the creative arts, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, as well a ‘head’ scholarship, awarded by the school’s headmaster to a pupil who has demonstrated great potential. 

The range of options we offer allows individuals of all different talents and skills to apply and participate in the programme. 

A full scholarship will reduce our school fees by 10 per cent and an exhibitioner (the same as a full scholarship but with reduced monetary value) scholarship can be up to five per cent. Our STEM scholarships offer a remission of 15 per cent reduction on fees, but are only available to our sixth form pupils. 

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A pupil may apply for several categories of scholarships, but successful applicants will only be offered one.

The Derby Grammar sports scholarship programme helps students to improve their physical health and lifestyle in Derbyshire.

The Derby Grammar sports scholarship programme helps pupils to improve their physical health and lifestyle as well as their academic studies. - Credit: Alex Cantrill-Jones

Q: What makes Derby Grammar School’s scholarship programme unique? 

A: Many schools offer a more affordable alternative to the same education – reduced fees benefit parents, but not necessarily the child. Our scholarships focus on opening up new opportunities of a broader education, unlocking the potential to progress further and pave the way for a successful future. 

Our scholarship programmes are self-perpetuating – the more the pupils put in, the more they get out of it and are likely to achieve. They encourage the development of transferable skills such as self-discipline, motivation and time-management, which can be utilised in further education and employment. 

For our academic individuals, we offer a scholarship society, which provides extra support for high-achieving scholars for Oxbridge applications or writing extra essays to improve their grades. We host speakers at the school, who talk to our scholars about the keys to success, productivity and motivation to inspire them throughout their programme. 

Our sports programmes are run by the head of performance sports and a former employee of the Leicester Tigers rugby team. The programme covers sleep optimisation, nutrition, healthy living and general wellbeing, offering an education that centres on their lifestyle, as well as their academic progress.

Derby Grammar School's scholarship society provides extra support for high-achieving Oxbridge applicants and essay-writing.

Derby Grammar School offer a scholarship society, which provides extra support for high-achieving scholars, preparing them for a bright future. - Credit: Martyn Poyner

Q: Are there any prerequisites needed to apply for a scholarship? 

A: No, the outcome is dependent on the pupil’s performance throughout the application process, providing they have maintained good behaviour and grades throughout their time at Derby Grammar. The entrance points are Years 7, 9, 10 and 12 – the process is the same for all year groups.  

We have an assessment day on Saturday, January 22, 2022. This includes a written exam for academic applicants, an audition for creative arts students and a physical session for those applying for the sports programme. 

This is then followed by an interview, where pupils will be assessed on their commitment and potential. The school is looking to see what drives the pupil, what they’re passionate about and why they’re interested in the scholarship programme.

Q: How can I apply for a scholarship at Derby Grammar? 

A: The process is very simple and efficient: applications must be made to the school by January 14, 2022, with assessment day being the following week on the 22nd, and a response by January 28.

To begin an application for Derby Grammar School’s unique scholarship programme, contact the admissions team on 01332 510030 or

For more information on the scholarship programme, visit