Meet the head: Dr Dominic Luckett at Sherborne School

Dr Dominic Luckett the new headmaster at Sherborne School

Dr Dominic Luckett the new headmaster at Sherborne School - Credit: Archant

As the new headmaster at Sherborne School, Dr Dominic Luckett is looking forward to inspiring his pupils to even greater success and, when time allows, walking or paragliding on the Dorset hills

Having moved from London what were your first impressions of Sherborne?

Sherborne is clearly a beautiful school. What is perhaps less obvious is just how busy it is. The boys here pack an extraordinary amount into each week, and at least as much as in the busiest London schools. Something that has been apparent to me from day one is the sense of pride that the boys have in being part of the School, which comes across in the great welcome and warmth that they extend to visitors and to newcomers, me included.

What inspired you to take up this new post as headmaster at Sherborne School?

Having been very happy as the headmaster of a busy coeducational school in London for the past eight years, I was in no hurry to leave, but was starting to think about a new challenge. The chance to live and work in Sherborne was irresistible and I am extraordinarily fortunate to have been given the chance to lead this great school. My wife and I felt the prospect of allowing our daughters to grow up in Dorset rather than in London was also very appealing.

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What do you think are the key benefits of an all-boys boarding school?

Boarding is about community, about sharing and about understanding how to accommodate the needs of the individual alongside those of the wider community. By boarding together, our boys develop friendships of rare and enduring strength. They learn to support each other and to understand the need for give and take. It is a wonderful preparation for life at university and beyond.

We also have very close links with Sherborne Girls. So whilst our boys are able to flourish in an all-boys boarding environment, they also benefit from close, regular, positive and meaningful interactions with girls. It really is the best of both worlds.

Why do you see a traditional school like Sherborne being the best preparation for dealing with the modern world?

The traditional values upon which Sherborne is built, such as decency, respect for others, and trying to do your best, should never go out of fashion. Nor should core subjects, such as Mathematics, Languages and English; increasingly our curriculum looks to the future and reflects the role played by technological and scientific disciplines of the modern world. The importance of teamwork, the pursuit of excellence, and the ability to cope with both success and setbacks are all things of great relevance to our young people and they are all encouraged by many aspects of the School, including our outstanding musical and sporting life.

What are the most important qualities to bring out in your pupils?

I want our boys to be ambitious for themselves, but also to have a real desire to do something good for others. Achieving individual success is important, but what makes that success really worthwhile is when it is used to make the world a better place.

What’s your favourite subject?

History, in which I took my degrees – my doctorate was on Henry VII. I also love science, and only wished I understood it better.

What do you do to relax?

First and foremost, spending time with my family. I also love listening to choral and orchestral music. Early morning indoor rowing sessions help set me up for the day and, when I get the chance, I enjoy being out on the hills - whether walking, skiing or paragliding.


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