Fashion addict - Emma Louise Jones

Trainee photographer Emma Louise Jones, from Gutterscroft, near Crewe, reveals her fashion loves and loathes

What do you wear to work?I’m influenced by Erin Wasson, so I tend to dress casually yet comfortably. I’m quite a tomboy at heart and my daywear reflects it: with skinny jeans or shorts, brogues or leather boots. I’ll team that with accessories or just a statement piece, usually with a tank top or a shirt. I also love to mix vintage pieces with more contemporary ones.

What do you wear for a big night out?As an alternative to my boyish day look I like a classic, pin-up girl style when the sun goes down. Jumpsuits, pencils skirts and figure hugging dresses, which are accompanied by red lips or dark eyes with nude lips: fairly Vampish. Occasionally I go for something pretty and light like a pink satin dressI recently bought, as it pops against my skin tone.

Tell us about your biggest fashion mistakeI wore white tights in sixth form once. They matched my outfit but I look back now and see they were hideous.

The last occasion you stepped out feeling really good?Recently it has been non-stop with coursework for my degree so just going to get a pedicure with my mum and her friends not only made my feet feel amazing but lifted my spirit completely. The sun was shining in Manchester that day; I had flip-flops on, ‘Something Else’ harem trousers from Urban Outfitters, a loose white V-neck tee and some dangling Mawii earrings (found on ASOS) that especially stand out with my hair up. Not a particularly exciting occasion but sometimes you just need to stop for a moment.

Who do you consider to be the most stylish man and woman of thepast century?Rooney Mara and Margherita Missoni have influenced my style. Rooney Mara from ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ has embraced the character’s gothic style in a feminine way, always looking breathtaking. Margherita Missoni dresses as a lady should. She will dress casually but still look chic and she chooses clothes that illuminate her skin and suit her figure. For men, it’s Tom Ford as there’s nothing sexier than a man in a well-fitting suit.

What perfume do you wear?La Prairie’s Gold Thread. But I’m a student so I have to consume it sparingly!

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Which grooming products are in your bathroom?Bed Head shampoo/ conditioner seems to suit my hair; Dove soap and Witch Hazel Tea Tree face foam. I rarely wear make-up in the daytime but if I do it would be Yves Saint Laurent highlighter pen for under my eyes and Dior Mascara. To me the eyes are a person’s most attractive feature, they say a lot about a person.

Which product would you be lost without?My face cream, Estee Lauder anti-ageing cream. I was told women start to wrinkle at 21 so I have started early. I used my mum’s before I brought one for myself.

Are you a gym body?Very much so, I attend a Thai boxing gym in Knutsford four times a week, and I run on the days I don’t attend. I also walk my dog. I love to stay active and participate in more extreme sports too: rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding etc.

What’s your favourite thing to do to unwind?Exercise is my release, although watching a good film Like Pulp Fiction or Lost in Translation seems to take my mind elsewhere.

Do you have a grooming tip you swear by?If your skin looks fresh and your hair looks good you’ll look naturally radiant

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