Fashion Addict - Shelley Bond

Shelley Bond

Shelley Bond - Credit: Archant

Shelley Bond is an events manager based at Jazz Events in Chester. She’s busy working on the Northern Design Awards to be held in Manchester in November. The occasion gives Shelley a chance to dress up, which she loves.

What do you wear to work?

We don’t work in a client-facing environment but I always dress in business wear. I believe casual dress equals casual attitude so I smarten up as much as possible and encourage my team to do the same.

What do you like to wear for a big night out?

I am a girl’s girl so I never pass up a chance to go all-out. I can go from shower to bar in 60 mins but that doesn’t mean scrimping on effort. Party dress, skyscraper heels and big hair every time.

Tell us about your biggest fashion mistake

I made the fatal error of persevering with leggings and skinny jeans for far too long. They are simply not for me. Or most people for that matter...

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Who is your favourite designer?

I’m a High Street fan at heart - I love everything in Ted Baker but I do adore Chanel for classics which are timeless.

Who’s been the biggest influence on your personal style?

I think Kate Moss is the one most young women would look to for cutting edge, British style. I also adore the glamour of Sarah Jessica Parker. Sex in The City opened my eyes to different looks and made me braver with my style choices.

What is your favourite high street shop?

In Chester we have some amazing boutique stores which are great for when you want to splurge, but I am drawn like a magnet to Zara every time. Great tailoring, classic long-wearing style and great prices.

What perfume do you wear?

Caroline Herrera 212 VIP daily and Chanel No 5 for occasions.

What hair and beauty products are in your bathroom?

Clarins facial products, as I adore their facials. TIGI for hair and lashings of Moroccan Oil!

Which beauty product would you be lost without?

Mascara, mascara, mascara. I am lucky to have long lashes so I feel it’s my duty to make the most of them.

Are you a gym body?

I become sluggish and moody without regular physical exercise so I make a concerted effort to do as much as I can. It’s also a great stress-buster.

Who do you regard as the most stylish woman of the last 100 years?

Coco Chanel. No brainer. She simply oozed style from every pore.

What was the last book you read?

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Absolutely brilliant. I’m a real bookworm and when I start a good one it’s hard to get my attention until I finish it! I can speed read though and get through a novel a day on holidays.

For details of this year’s Northern Design Awards in Manchester on November 22nd visit