Hollyoaks Gemma Merna talks fashion

Cheshire-based actress Gemma Merna loves fashion just as much as her Hollyoaks character Carmel McQueen. She reveals her fashion favourites and tips on looking good

What do you wear to work?

I live in my Abercrombie tracksuits. They look like pyjamas and I probably look dead scruffy at work but they're really comfortable.

What do you wear for a big night out?

Always a good pair of shoes and a fantastic handbag. These are essential for me. I love shoes by Christian Louboutin, Dolce & Gabbana and Jimmy Choo. For handbags it's got to be Mulberry or Miu Miu. I've got about ten handbags and when you add up how much they have cost it's a bit scary.

Tell us about your biggest fashion mistake

When I was younger I had these very tight metallic trousers. I used to wear them all the time. I was a bit of an extrovert so I wasn't really bothered.

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What's your favourite high street shop?

I love Zara. I think all the trousers fit lovely on me and all the tops and dresses are really nice. I love All Saints too, I've recently bought a lot of their stuff.

Tell us who your favourite designer is - even if you're only able to admire their clothes on the super-rich

Dolce & Gabbana - their stuff is really sexy. I've got a gorgeous black dress with simple detailing and the fit is really sexy. I would have a wardrobe full of Dolce & Gabbana if money was no object.

Most recent purchase you're thrilled with

I have just bought about six dresses from All Saints. They have sequins on them and you can wear them with tights. It's good for if you're feeling a bit pale or for a night out if it's a bit cold.

Who do you regard as the most stylish man and woman of the last 100 years?

Sarah Jessica Parker: I love what she wears. She's quite old-fashioned and takes inspiration from the 1940s which is an era I love. She knows what clothes are right for her. For a man it has to be Johnny Depp: he's a bit quirky and doesn't go for the obvious.

What perfume do you wear?

My two favourite perfumes are Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel and Dior's Pure Poison. They're a bit stronger so they're right for a night out.

Which hair and beauty products are in your bathroom?

Absolutely everything I own is Kiehl's. My brother has just started working for them and he recommended their products. Now I have the moisturiser, shampoo, conditioner and make-up. My skin and hair feel lovely for it. It makes your hair really thick too.

Which beauty product would you be lost without?

My Armani foundation. A good foundation is really important.

Tell us about the last occasion you stepped out feeling utterly gorgeous (what you wore, why you glowed)

I went visiting my friend Jenny Metcalfe (who plays Gemma's onscreen sister Mercedes McQueen) in Leeds recently. I wore a little pink dress from All Saints but I sewed the bottom so it made it a bit more puffball. I teamed that with my black Christian Louboutin's ((which I did actually fall over in!) with a black belt and a leather clutch bag from New York. I felt gorgeous and I think the colours suited me.

Are you a gym body?

I am obsessed. I'm not as bad as I used to be but I still have a trainer and go every day in the week. It just makes me feel good. I'm generally knackered while I'm there but you feel a lot better from regular exercise and you feel like you can let go a bit at the weekend.

What's your favourite salon beauty treatment?

I have endemologie done which is good for cellulite. I also like hot stone massage. There's a salon around the corner from the studio that we all use.

Do you have a beauty tip you swear by?

Always maintain a good skincare routine. Make sure you take care of your skin because it will keep you looking good.

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