Manchester based scarf designer Dominique Moseley (with audio)

Designer Dominique Moseley's luxury scarves are attracting the attention of the sartorial world

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Vintage, inspired with a modern edge, describes Manchester-based designer Dominique Moseley’s collection of chic scarves. ‘I draw inspiration from different periods in art history, my work is very much art nouveau inspired,’ she said.

‘I want my scarves to be seen as that kind of decoration, as a flamboyant accessory.’  Pulling out her collection of stunning silk scarves, no one could argue with that description.  A m�lange of vibrant colours spills on to the table and the craftsmanship involved with each scarf is clear. Every scarf is printed locally in Macclesfield and hand-finished in the Cotswolds. ‘People assume you have to go to the other side of the world, but there are really good resources local to Cheshire,’ she says. 

Every scarf is printed locally in Macclesfield and hand-finished

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However, it is not only the high quality of each piece but also the sensational designs that set her work apart.  ‘I was always very drawn to surface patterns,’ says Dominique about her academic study of art; first at the prestigious Central St. Martins and later the University of Manchester. She specialised in print design. ‘I studied all different areas: furnishing and fashion, but I did my final degree show on scarves.

Scarves are the perfect base to showcase a print,’ she explains.  After graduation Dominique moved to London to work as a handbag designer. ‘It had always been a dream I’d harboured to start my own range. I was also really keen to come back to the North-West and come home. But I’d needed the experience of the fashion industry that I’d gained in London. 

‘From being there I got experience of how the industry works such as liaising with buyers and how to meet other key people, the kind of thing I’d never have known as a student.’ 

This exposure to the fashion business community equipped Dominique for the launch of her collection just a few months ago. Now her creations are being stocked in local boutiques like 3:Eleven in Hale and Lucile in Manchester, and further afield at Palette in London. Dominique’s range is also available on her own website and they are soon to be on ‘Gobritish has quintessentially British brands, which I think is great and the perfect place to showcase my scarves.’

All this does seem to point Dominique in the direction of Hermes, Chanel and McQueen but she’s adamant that her work is not a mere imitation.‘I was always taught to develop my own style. I wouldn’t like to be trapped by trends and other designers. Obviously I am influenced by them, because a designer such as McQueen could make a scarf an investment piece and last longer than just one season. I do look to the fashion world for ideas on shapes and colours though, but never the patterns.’ 

For the future she says: ‘I want to become an established scarf designer, but eventually I would love to see my prints on other accessories too. I want my style to be synonymous with my label.’ 

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