Malachite for protection, pearls for wisdom: Which gemstone is for you?

woman's eye with malachite and pearl earrings

Penelope malachite and baroque pearl earrings, £120 - Credit: Salome

With their vibrant colours and luxurious lustre, gemstones have been at the forefront of high fashion jewellery for centuries. But our obsession with these jewels goes beyond their shine and sparkle – it’s their unique meanings and metaphysical properties that endow them with significance.   

"Each gem has its own story to tell,” says jewellery designer, Kellie Daniels. “They’re incredibly inspiring and they make lovely, meaningful gifts, whether it’s for someone special or yourself.”   

The inspiration for Kellie’s gemstone jewellery collection, named after her mother Salome, came from a family tradition where she would receive her birthstone as a gift every Christmas. "I want the wearer of my jewellery to feel some kind of connection, the same way I did when my mother would put sapphire in my stocking.”    

Here, we talk to Kellie about five of her favourite gemstones and their symbolic meanings. 

malachite earrings

Penelope malachite earrings, £65 - Credit: Salome


The transformative properties of malachite are said to help you overcome life’s obstacles and provide protection. “The meanings are based on centuries of folklore but there is always some truth behind them,” says Kellie. “Ancient Egyptians would grind malachite and put it around their eyes to prevent infections, which is where the protection element comes from,” she explains. 

Malachite is the gemstone leading Salome’s Penelope collection, which is inspired by the story of the queen of Ithaca, who waited unwaveringly for her husband to return from war. “The collection represents the struggle of being separated from loved ones and the hope for a brighter future, which is very relevant right now,” says Kellie. 

pearl earrings

Tilly pearl earrings, £125 - Credit: Salome

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These timeless gems are thought to possess lunar elements that promote emotional balance and inner wisdom. “Pearls have transformative properties and are great if you are struggling with who you are or where you belong in the world,” adds Kellie.

For her Girl with a Pearl collection, Kellie adds a bohemian touch to traditional designs. “I like to add a bit of fringe or make unconventional pairings such as pearl and malachite for a fun, modern look.” 

tourmaline bracelet

Carina tourmaline bracelet, £45 - Credit: Salome


Tourmaline is believed to balance ying-yang energies and create a bridge between the physical and the spiritual. Happiness, self-confidence and strength are also associated with this colourful gem. “I’m not a great flyer, so I always take tourmaline with me on the plane to give me that extra bit of courage,” says Kellie. 

Tourmaline features in Salome’s Carina line, which Kellie says “can be worn with pretty much anything – it’s such a versatile stone.” 

aquamarine necklace

Geo aquamarine necklace, £85 - Credit: Salome


If you’re in need of some R&R, aquamarine is the gemstone for you. “Its name means ‘water of the sea’ and it evokes calm and relaxation,” explains Kellie. “It was also once believed to be the treasure of mermaids and used by sailors for luck,” she adds. 

Aquamarine is a popular jewellery choice for brides says Kellie, as it can represent their ‘something blue’. It’s also the birthstone for March and the Pisces star sign.

rainforest jasper bracelet

Lebialem Highland rainforest jasper bracelet, £65 - Credit: Salome

Rainforest jasper 

Rainforest jasper is said to help you find a deeper connection with Mother Nature, with ancient cultures believing it could renew vigour and passion for life. “Rainforest jasper is so organic and has an earthy quality, which is indictive of the stone’s meaning,” says Kellie. 

Rainforest jasper is paired with moonstone in the Lebialem Highland collection, which is inspired by the natural beauty of the Cameroonian rainforest. To support the conservation efforts of the Cross River Gorilla Project, 10 per cent of all proceeds are donated to the charity.

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