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Petra Hornsby meets Coggeshall-based naturopath Britta Hochkeppel who uses her many healing skills to provide balance and comfort in life for her many satisfied clients

The experience of stepping into Britta Hochkeppel’s cottage, where she practices, was everything I needed it to be after a somewhat busy and stressful day — instantly calming, peaceful and pleasing to the eye. It must also be noted that Britta is a great advert for what she practices and believes in, radiating health and positivity that one can’t help feel drawn to.

Welcoming me warmly, Britta led me into her comfortable and light treatment room where gentle music played in the background. I felt relaxed and ready to receive some healing and good advice from someone I had read so many glowing testimonials about.

As this was my first session, Britta kindly explained how she came to be practicing her unique blend of medical knowledge with the gift to connect and read the energy of the body. Without doubt her several years of rigorous training have equipped her with a great understanding of the workings of the human body and mind, but her passion, a calling as she describes it, is for the healing practices that redress the imbalances that can be traced back to deep cellular level, something that Britta explains as quantum physics.

Britta clarifies: ‘Fairly simply put, my approach is to create an energy field that is used to surround an area of imbalance. This way matter is changed back into a “fluid” transferrable state until a 100% balance is achieved. The quality of our thoughts affects our flow of energy and can determine where degenerative matter can develop within the body and to what degree. The more negative our thoughts, the greater chance we have of developing imbalances that can present as emotional or physical conditions.’

Britta picks up a lot about a client’s condition from their energy and uses her hands to read both psychological and physical conditions that may be present. Born with psychic skills, Britta incorporates this communication as additional guidance to help a client — but only shares this information if the client wishes to know.

After our chat I was invited to lie down on the treatment table and in next to no time Britta managed to detect, spookily accurately, some of my known existing problems and, more interestingly, those I was not aware of, or perhaps had misinterpreted as something else. Britta combines treating the aura, energy around the body, with touch and during most of my session Britta’s hands were on my head.

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I asked if it was easier for her to treat people who were more ‘open’ to alternative therapies, but was told that in fact her best clients and most successful outcomes were with the most hardened cynics.

My first session was clearly the preparation for further treatment to help correct my imbalances, but even within a short space of time I was given good advice on meditation, crystal therapy and a recipe for a fruit and vegetable concoction, all to help me with my long-standing rheumatoid arthritis, a condition, I discovered, that was linked to more psychological root causes.

Britta then waved a deliciously fragranced pomander over me and it was clear my time of relaxation and therapy had reached its end. With a brief further discussion on how to progress with treatment, I left Britta’s wonderful tranquil habitat and headed back home feeling gloriously calm and at peace. n

Britta Hochkeppel graduated as a naturopath and is also qualified as a reiki master, nutritionist, energy healer and also in progressive kinesiology. Being a born psychic, Britta integrates this ability into her treatments but also offers readings as a separate choice. This has proven to be very helpful in creating a balance of body and mind within the recipient. In addition, she offers deep tissue healing work especially for back related problems, either chronic or more recently developed. To find out more, visit www.myhealing-therapy-in-mind.co.uk or call 07900 211088

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