Bakewell’s Born2move fitness centre

Clients exercising in a corner of the gym

Clients exercising in a corner of the gym - Credit: Archant

Lucy Denver visits the local centre offering ‘long term health, happiness and body confidence’

Lucy with personal trainer Tom Oldfield

Lucy with personal trainer Tom Oldfield - Credit: Archant

Winter may seem like the perfect excuse to curl up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and a large slice of cake but by the time summer rolls around you’ll wish that every so often you’d traded in the cake for a pair of trainers. Although it’s true that a good hot chocolate will elevate your heart rate, it doesn’t quite have the same effect as swinging a kettlebell or slamming a sandbag.

The born2move team

The born2move team - Credit: Archant

Winter is actually the perfect time to start getting in shape – and born2move can help you get a headstart. There are a lot of options when it comes to keeping fit. Do you choose a personal trainer who can target problem areas and keep you motivated? How about nutrition? Do you need a separate coach for that? The good news is that if you live anywhere near Bakewell, you don’t have to choose: born2move has it all.

Joining born2move is different to joining a commercial gym, embarking on a weight loss programme or signing up with a personal trainer. First, it offers a money back guarantee. Second, you set your own goal, whether this is weight loss, improved strength, or toning up. Third, everyone who joins is given a tailored programme that includes personal training, a nutrition plan, and monthly Desk Dates to review progress.

On my first visit I thought I’d spend an hour getting the guided tour, chatting to owners Matt and Sarah Kay, and perhaps try out some of the equipment. In fact I spent three hours working out with personal trainer Tom Oldfield, testing a Recovery Smoothie in their relaxing Food Box, and chatting to clients who told me inspiring weight loss stories. Take Bev, for example. ‘The one thing I wanted more than anything was to be slim, toned and body confident,’ Bev told me. She joined born2move having had little success with traditional personal training and what she felt was a healthy diet. Within three months of a tailored born2move programme, Bev had lost 1.2 metres from her whole body circumference. ‘The amazing thing about born2move is that their approach is to tackle your whole lifestyle, not just how you exercise,’ she says. ‘Born2move is a way of life and the best thing that ever happened to me!’

Next, I checked out the locally made, bespoke plyo boxes (specially designed for jumping on, which makes you feel like a small child in a playground), and the view across the River Wye with owner Matt. I asked what made him set up born2move?

‘That’s easy,’ he told me. ‘There are so many gyms and trainers out there who don’t give anything back. Most people know what they want to achieve when they join a gym, and we wanted to create a facility where those goals are reached, not just imagined. We work with everyone from rugby teams to new mums and hardworking dads. We even do kids classes that include a nutritious meal, because diet is so important regardless of age. Our nutrition courses have been really popular and explode a lot of myths about what a healthy diet entails. I think we even taught Michael a few things!’

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Matt is referring to England cricketer and local resident Michael Vaughan, a long-standing born2move client and their ambassador. Michael says: ‘These guys live and breathe this stuff every day and have helped me and thousands of others. If you want to get in great shape without being constrained to a diet or boring exercise routines I can’t recommend born2move enough.’

I know I can’t wait to go back!

Visit or email Lucy provides fitness and nutrition coaching for charities and young people - contact her at or tweet @denvertronix for more information.

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