Health & Beauty: Aveda's Hair Spa

If you followed the advice given in the January issue - look after yourself, sleep a lot, eat nourishing food - you should just about be ready for some serious work on your appearance. To make things simple, why not start at the top with a super h...

Winter hair has been frozen outdoors, baked indoors, had a hat jammed on it and blasted with hot styling tools during the frenetic party season. What it needs now is some deep conditioning and nourishing, topped off with a really good cut and a gentle blow-dry. Emergency aid was ready at Hurley's hair salon in Ashbourne, where I tried out Aveda's Hair Spa. The salon is a real treat in itself, with pretty baroque fittings and comfortable chairs, and I was 'hosted', if that's the right word, by the charming Hungarian salon director, Steve Kis. Steve explained the Aveda philosophy of the head as an ecosystem, with hair and scalp working in harmony to create the right environment for healthy hair, while he carefully assessed the condition of my own. Apparently satisfied, he applied a tailored balancing remedy along my scalp, massaging it in to stimulate circulation and energy flow until I almost felt like purring. A thorough wash with a specially chosen shampoo followed, after which Damage Remedy� Moisture Immersion - its plant-based ingredients sounding more like an exotic fruit salad - was painted painstakingly onto my damp hair. Next came my favourite beauty trick, wrapping the whole lot in hot towels to accelerate the effect, while Steve gave me a blissful stress-relieving hand massage. The treatment was finished with a great blow-dry (I could have had a cut too), after which my hair shone like glass and swung like silk. Just what the doctor ordered. All the products are available to use at home to maintain your healthy hair - although I still won't be able to do the back.The Hair Spa is available at Hurley's Hair and Beauty Salon in St John St, Ashbourne. Call 01335 343893 for an appointment with Steve.

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