Stay in style with the autumn - winter hair trends

Stay in style with the autumn winter hair trends


Counteract the damaging effects hair endures over time with a new haircare treatment  developed by Kerastase inspired by the qualities of caviar.

Chronologist, is formed with restorative caviar pearls packed with active ingredients and an  ultra rich cream masque. When blended together on application they create the most  echnologically advanced formula to date.

Chronologist, available exclusively at Christopher Maerevoet salon in Southport, is available as a 30 minute in salon treatment for �35 or as a take-home treatment, �100. To restore hair fully it is recommended that treatment is taken ideally once a week.

For more information or to book a treatment call 01704 545113 or see


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Every woman knows that years of blow-drying, brushing, styling and straightening takes its toll on your hair, and the experts at L’Oreal have devised a new formula which plugs holes and smoothes away tears in damaged locks, with molecules that target the area of protein which makes up hair fibres leaving the hair stronger, less fragile, and silkysmooth.

The product is called Fiberceutic, and the treatment lasts up to eight to ten shampoos.

For more information and professional advice, call Saks Whalley on 01254 823 333.

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