Holding back the years

Holding back the years

Holding back the years - Credit: Archant

Upminster based beauty expert, Sue Moxley, shares the secret of the latest US treatment set to hit the UK and change the way we age

We wouldn’t all wear the same fashions or live in the same houses, so why do we fall for the claims that one type of hormone treatment suits all?

The newest trend from the States is ‘customisation’ where bespoke hormone potions are tailored to be individually effective in a user’s body.

The latest research shows 72% of anti-ageing skincare users are interested in products designed specifically for them and the cutting edge of this hot new trend is Bio Identical Hormones’. This could be the biggest beauty breakthrough since Botox and has the potential to revolutionise the way we age.

If you have never heard of them, Bio Identical Hormones are 100% identical in structure to those that are found in the human body. Unlike synthetic hormones, which are used in conventional HRT, they are not recognised as foreign to our bodies so are more effective and do not carry the associated health risks.

And better still, unlike conventional HRT, where ‘one size fits all’, before embarking on a course of Bio Identical Hormones, patients must undergo blood and saliva tests to see exactly what their body is lacking, so the treatment can be perfectly tailored to their needs.

It works so well as hormones control every function in the body.

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Apart from the obvious health benefits of reducing the risks of heart attacks, strokes, dementia and osteoporosis and helping menopausal women with hot sweats and sleepless nights, anyone can have an imbalance — and that includes men!

These hormone compounds will keep the skin elastic, hair thick, eyes white and nails strong, so as well as saving you money on expensive skincare, this treatment will benefit both your looks and your health!

All this doesn’t come free, of course. After paying for an initial consultation you will need to buy your hormone creams or tablets, as this treatment

is not available on the NHS. But if you weigh it up and count the money you spend on hair restorers, face creams and even cosmetic surgery you could be quids in and looking after your health at the same time.

The treatment is already hugely popular in America with one-third of menopausal women there taking Bio Identical Hormones. Unfortunately, over here in the UK, it is much harder to obtain this treatment.

Bio Identical Hormone tests and prescriptions are available at Dr Mark Holmes Anti-Ageing Clinic in Buckhurst Hill with prices starting from £95 or visit drmarkrholmes.com

Essex Life always recommends that you take professional medical advice from your GP before embarking on new treatments.

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