How to Conquer Cellulite

Getting into shape for the summer is one thing but no matter how hard you hit the gym the dreaded cellulite is as stubborn as a mule. Liz Barnett talks to local expert Rachel Davis to ask, is there a miracle cure?

Cellulite or ‘the orange peel’ effect as it is now commonly known, mostly affects women and is caused by fat cells joining together to form a mesh. The cells become stronger when adjoined and this means that they are incredibly difficult to shift, especially in the upper thighs and buttocks. Rachel is the salon director at �lanc� Hair and Beauty in Petersfield and has spent a great deal of time researching the different products on the market claiming to conquer cellulite: “I would say to anybody keep your expectations low, there are no miracle cures out there but there are some very positive treatments that, together with a bit of hard work, can certainly help smooth the skin and encourage a decrease in the fat cells.”One treatment in particular is one of the latest to hit the market; AWT (Acoustic Wave Therapy) is a non-surgical non-invasive treatment that is used to breakdown the fat cells and hence smoothes out any dimpling. Rachel explains: “AWT is a mechanical treatment with a hand piece that has a metal ball inside which twangs several thousand times a minute causing a pummelling effect. Cellulite is so stubborn that it is not going to disappear without any force. How this works is the pummelling damages the fat cell wall causing the contents to spill out and disperse; your therapist will push the device towards your lymphatic system to encourage the fat to drain out of the body naturally.” After trying this treatment myself I can say that it is one of the oddest sensations you will ever experience, I had the setting on low and, although it wasn’t painful in the normal sense of the word, it was quite uncomfortable and I can imagine the higher setting being quite intense. Rachel doesn’t profess to cure all cellulite with the AWT machine which is why she has set up a package surrounding this treatment which I would definitely advise.

Common senseUltimately we are still talking about fat here and the best way to shift any fat is to drink plenty of water, exercise for half an hour every day or three times a week for an hour and eat healthily. The AWT package at �lanc� incorporates an hour’s personal training in their fitness room, 20 minutes AWT and then a further 10 minutes on a power plate to speed up fat dispersion. Once at home, you could help yourself further by investing in a good cellulite product and either a body brush or massage tool to aid circulation and encourage your lymphatic system.Also take a look at your diet, you want to be eating foods that are high in anti-oxidants so berries or any other brightly coloured fruit and veg, oily fish, spinach, avocado and grapefruit are all packed with essential vitamins that help to strengthen your skin and keep it supple.There are other vacuum based salon treatments for cellulite but in comparison to the results from AWT, most of them pale into insignificance.Rachel suggests a course of eight sessions over four weeks and is adamant that, slowly but surely, you will start to see a result, “This isn’t an overnight cure, but if you are willing to spend time on your body and manage your lifestyle change then AWT is a great way to dramatically reduce the amount of cellulite that you have.”

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