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Men's grooming is becoming more and more popular

Men's grooming is becoming more and more popular - Credit: Getty Images/Purestock

The New Year often means a new look, and not just for the ladies: Male grooming is booming!


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It’s that time of year for making resolutions and, after many a mince pie over the festive season, top of most people’s lists will be getting back in shape.

And it’s not just girls focusing on bettering their appearance.

The men’s grooming industry has grown dramatically in the last decade with gentlemen more likely to use beauty products, visit a hair salon and even try traditionally female treatments from waxing to manicures.

Hair loss can be a devastating blow, leaving men with low confidence. Male pattern baldness eventually affects two-thirds of all men which means, in the UK, over seven million men will suffer hair loss at any one time.

By the age of 35, 40 % of men have noticeable hair loss and 60% of those affected say they would rather have more hair than more money.

While Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel have embraced their shaven heads, other celebs like Wayne Rooney and Elton John have had treatment to boost their barnet, but 75% of British men still believe hair loss can’t be prevented.

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Aesthetic Medispa in Buckhurst Hill, which won Best New Clinic in UK and Ireland at the Aesthetic Awards last month, is now offering mesotherapy, which has seen excellent regrowth results.

Amino acids, minerals and vitamins are injected just below the surface of the skin stimulating blood circulation and rejuvenating hair follicles. The meso-gun uses rapid movement, 500 micro-injections per minute, so the procedure is virtually pain free.

Owner Richard Flint says, ‘It can take up to eight treatments to really see results, but mesotheraphy really works. Hair loss can be a real blow to self-esteem and this treatment boosts not only hair growth, but confidence.’

Imperfect teeth are another problem that can affect self-assurance and Signature Smile in Woodford Green has many chaps amongst its clients.

Senior dental nurse Kaye Smith says: ‘We all know that a first impression is important and one of the first things we notice is someone’s smile. Many of our patients are unhappy with their own smile and it can affect them dramatically.’

Veneers are thin slivers of porcelain, as little as 0.2mm thick, placed on visible areas of the teeth to cover up imperfections. They can resolve a number of problems including irregular place teeth and spacing, worn down enamel, discoloration and broken or stained and prominent fillings.

Kaye says: ‘At Signature Smile we used the strongest, thinnest materials and keep preparation to your natural teeth to a minimum to maintain as much natural tooth substance as possible.

‘Seeing the change in a person who can suddenly smile ‘loud’ again, watching their worries dissolve and confidence grow is very rewarding. And veneers don’t discolour so you can enjoy an extra glass of red wine without feeling you need to talk with your hand over your mouth or reach for a whitening kit.’

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