Chartwell launches Clementine Motor Insurance

Chartwell, Derby

Chartwell, Derby - Credit: Archant

Innovative accident repair company Chartwell in Derby has broken new ground and become the first Bodyshop to become an insurer. Called Clementine Motor Insurance, it is aimed at owners of mid to high value vehicles to provide competitively priced fully comprehensive insurance combined with an exceptional level of customer care as well as a number of other benefits

Clementine Motor is a totally new approach to motor insurance which puts the customer first and avoids third party interference in the claims process. Chartwell spent two years putting the plan together and going through the process to become ‘directly authorised by the FCA’ to sell general insurance products. Clementine Motor Insurance is supported by leading industry underwriters. ‘The idea is very simple,’ said Chris Brightmore, CEO, Chartwell. ‘We wanted to provide our customers with an unprecedented level of service and control over the claims journey so we have designed a product that goes beyond what is generally expected in motor insurance.’

The whole Clementine package ensures that the driver/policyholder is the priority and they have a smooth transition from the moment their accident is reported through to repair completion. Whether you make a claim or not, there are still plenty of benefits to take advantage of from the policy. Standard cover includes 24/7 Accident Assistance including roadside recovery, an Onwards Mobility Policy that includes likefor-like replacement vehicle for the duration of repairs for ‘not at fault’ drivers, or a standard car if ‘at fault’, a Lifetime Repair Guarantee which is transferable if the car is sold, and up to £100,000 legal expenses cover to pursue any other legal claims that may arise from a ‘not at fault’ accident. Other benefits include 60-day cover for travel to the EU or associated countries and unlimited in-car entertainment cover for manufacturer equipment fitted from new.

In the event of an accident instead of the customer being directed to where the insurer underwriter or accident management wants them to go, they have the assurance they will be looked after by the people they know and trust – their ‘Chosen Repairer’ – who is manufacturer-approved to repair that marque. The wording in the policy, which has been carefully selected and agreed by all of the underwriters, has been specifically written to protect the customer and not to restrict, trap or undervalue the customer’s needs.

In addition, policyholders are given automatic membership to Clementine Care (

This includes exclusive offers and products from a select group of affiliate companies, free tickets to events such as race track events anddiscounts at hotels and gyms. Policyholders are also given useful free advisory guides, offered a free Winter Maintenance Check and can book their car in for a free valet once a year. Visit for further information or to get a quote call 0808 168 6706

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