Motor review - Ford C Max Titanium X 1.0 EcoBoost

Ford C Max Titanium X 1.0 EcoBoost

Ford C Max Titanium X 1.0 EcoBoost - Credit: Archant

Syd Taylor takes a Ford C Max Titanium X 1.0 EcoBoost for a spin

Ford have been in the business of motor manufacturing long enough to know their business - so when they produce an eco-friendly compact MPV, everyone in the know sits up in the knowledge that it is bound to be good.

The Ford C Max, a trim, tidy, pleasing to the eye five-seater with more space than the conventional family car, has the flexibility of an olympic gymnast combined with the thrift of Scrooge’s offspring. It delivers loads for less than you’d imagine and even within its compact dimensions it cleverly transforms its carrying space according to need.

Whether you’ve a large family to take to the races or a large load to take to the antique auction, it delivers. But there’s nothing antique about this up-to-the-minute technological marvel deploying Fords ‘wonder engine’ - the high efficiency 998cc., three cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine that produces an amazing 125 PS. ‘All revs and ‘top end’ - and in such a big car. ‘No wonder it needs a six speed geabox’. I hear you say.

Well far from it. This wonderfully smooth engine makes the C Max a vivacious performer taking it to over 115mph and offering great overtaking ability thanks to 200Nm of torque. Neither does it guzzle fuel, returning over 55mpg overall. It marshals the most out of the least and even manages to cut a dash on the way. It has a dynamic perkiness, combining the poise of a parrot on its perch with the thrust of a progressive sea creature swimming through its element. As you can see from my strange comparison, words simply can’t do it justice. Truly, this is a small engine with a big heart.

Don’t get the wrong idea. This is no spartan utility vehicle. The £22,345 test C Max came in top spec. Titanium X with all the luxury, comfort and convenience you’d want. Part leather seats with the drivers seat electrically operated, cruise control, panoramic sun roof....There was even a £900 extra cost Driver Assistance Pack with space age cleverness like ‘traffic sign recognition’ and ‘active city stop’ (Stops you banging into the car in front if you struggle in tight spaces).

It’s a delight to drive, a delight for the passengers and a delight to behold - especially if it happens to be sitting on your own drive.

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It’s the sensible alternative for those in the market for MPVs who are sensible enough to eschew the trendy and depend on the tried and trusted. Banks may go bust but Fords never do.

Eager as always to test a car on a long journey I planned to go to the Trossachs to see my friend Hamish - but circumstances conspired against me. At least I was able to explore the county. It zipped and rippled along with good grip, a comfortable ride, precise handling and excellent visibility, giving that ineffable sense of well-being that comes only from a motoring package so well thought out as this.

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