The Meteoric Rise of the Motorhome

Stylish, powerful and fuel-efficient, Mike Davis explores the enduring appeal of the modern motorhome

Stylish, powerful and fuel-efficient, Mike Davis explores the enduring appeal of the modern motorhome.


Motorhomes were once a very rare sight on Britain’s roads and used to be viewed as a curiosity. It was the good old British caravan that had been the mainstay of the UK holiday industry, serving us well for many decades, and providing the nation with some of the happiest of childhood holiday memories. However, there’s a new kid on the block. The motorhome has come of age and is now dominating the UK leisure industry. You see them everywhere – sleek, well-designed chariots of leisure.

There are many reasons behind this trend of moving away from two wheels and on to four and, in some cases, six wheels. It is mainly due to the way we Brits holiday with our leisure vehicles. The majority of people are now moving away from two weeks holiday in high season, where they are camping cheek to jowl with unfamiliar neighbours on a busy campsite.Today’s discerning holidaymakers want to explore; they want to discover the joy and freedom that can be found when touring a region such as Somerset, with its beautiful villages and countryside.

The motorhome is designed to accommodate our natural curiosity because it is so easy to manoeuvre, and with the flick of the ignition it is ready to explore once again. There is something special about seeing a different view from your window every day and the design of the motorhome makes this very easy. Inside they are modern and stylish, like an exclusive hotel room, with all the facilities – a kitchen, bathroom, dining area and bedroom – all cleverly fitted inside a compact shell.

At the technical heart of the modern motorhome is a very powerful yet fuel-efficient chassis and engine combination which makes them an absolute dream to drive. The key to the motorhome’s versatility is its 12v leisure battery, which can power facilities for long periods. So, unlike the caravan, the motorhome does not need to be plugged into a 240v electricity outlet to survive in the wild. It is comfortably at home by the lake, the beach, on top of a mountain or in the deepest remote forests!Is this the end of the caravan? Probably not. The caravan will always roam our roads but this bold and exciting leisure vehicle gives its owners total freedom without causing problems to other road users by creating long traffic queues.

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If you want to know more about the modern motorhome then there are many leisure shows on throughout the year where you explore these vehicles and discover al there is to know about them. Or, alternatively, visit your local motorhome dealer.

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