Packing light for your summer holiday

This month, pack your holiday wardrobe to perfection with a little help from our capsule creations to guarantee a stress-free and stylish getaway.

Gone will be the days of wrestling with the zip on your suitcase if you follow these tips for streamlining your vacation attire.

1. Simplify your choice with one solid colour palette. Nudes and light tones mixed with bright colours or patterns work well to create several outfits from a core set of items.

2. Make your ensembles inter-changeable. Wear separates in different combinations and add statement jewellery for a fresh spin. Pick dresses and kaftans that will take you from the sun lounger to the cocktail bar with minimal effort.

3. Be minimalistic but don’t forget the essentials. A glam pair of shades and a large elegant scarf or sarong will not only make you look like you’ve just stepped out of the first class lounge but will also breathe new life into your wardrobe.


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