Style conscious: Nicola Sexton

Nicola Sexton, owner of Nicola Sexton shoes in Bury St Edmunds shares her style secrets

Nicola Sexton, owner of Nicola Sexton shoes in Bury St Edmunds shares her style secrets

Why have you chosen these clothes for the photo shoot?Since opening the shop I haven’t had time for much socialising and consequently miss the opportunity of getting dressed up in the evening. This outfit is one of my favourites. I purchased it from Karen Forte in Bassingbourne Cambridgeshire. And the shoes and handbag? Luciano Padovan of course, a very exciting brand which I am delighted to stock.

Are they typical of your day to day wear?Obviously not! My day wear tends to be more relaxed, although I can switch from smart/casual to a more tailored look depending on what I have on my feet! As a result my wardrobe has been re-named my ‘shoe’ drobe; and, yes, I really do decide on the particular shoe for each day and build an outfit around them.

If money was no object what would you wear?Probably nothing different to the outfits I currently wear, my style is my own and having unlimited funds wouldn’t change that and make me rush out just to buy designer brands. If I like something I buy it, if I don’t, I won’t, high street, designer or otherwise. I realise I am incredibly lucky to be able to feed my shoe addiction and clothing to me is secondary.  Where do you buy your underwear? I can’t believe you’ve asked me that! Depends entirely on where I am going, and more importantly who I am going with! No-one can deny that Marks and Spencer is always a popular choice for underwear, but for something extra special it could be a trip to Selfridges or from a favourite boutique in Monaco. However, with two wonderful lingerie shops in Bury St Edmunds, Bella and Cabana, I will definitely start searching locally!   What’s the most outlandish thing in your wardrobe?My Niki de Paimpol bikini, sarong and matching hair toggle. A fabulous discovery whilst working in the South of France. I have managed to purchase some wonderful individual pieces. All I need now is some spare time and a beach on which to wear it!

Do you judge people by their clothes?I don’t really think I do, although I certainly appreciate people with an individual style. I guess I am more guilty of judging people by their shoes!  Shiny shoes do it for me every time!

Do you have a style role model?Not really. Although Princess Diana was such an amazing style icon, I was a huge fan. I have a number of favourite celebs; Cheryl Cole being one.

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Is there anyone in the public eye crying out for a makeover?Where would you start? It would probably not be ‘politically correct’ for me to comment! Obviously, people have their own individual style, that’s what makes us who we are. Who cuts your hair and how often?Jo Hansford in Mount Street, London. I have been using the salon for eight years and share the same colourist as Yasmin le Bon, though somehow I don’t get quite the same effect!

Do you have an exercise routine?In my head I have! I enjoy tennis, hunting and skiing, it would be my intention to do all these on a regular basis, however, since opening in April I seem to have “hit the ground running”, there never seems to be a minute to spare, which of course is a positive thing, I’m certainly not complaining!

Nicola Sexton is owner of Nicola Sexton Shoes, 

33 Abbeygate Street,Bury St EdmundsSuffolk, IP33 1LW

Tel: 01284 760011

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