How this facelift procedure can help you look younger, feel happier and restore confidence


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For people in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond, cosmetic surgery clinic Bella Vou in Tunbridge Wells has provided a new lease of life with its groundbreaking Concept™ Facelift. We hear one woman’s story of how the procedure helped to make her look and feel younger, feel happier and restore her confidence

Amir in theatre at the Bella Vou clinic where local anaesthetic procedures are performed

Amir in theatre at the Bella Vou clinic where local anaesthetic procedures are performed - Credit: Archant

More and more people are embracing cosmetic surgery as a means of making themselves not only look more youthful, but feel more confident and content in the process. This was the case for 63-year-old Angie Davidson, who, after losing weight, made the decision to undergo facelift, neck lift and eyelid surgery at the Bella Vou clinic in Tunbridge Wells in June 2017.

“I’d turned 60 and wasn’t happy with the way I looked, so started a strict exercise regime and looked at my diet, losing about 10kg over a year or so,” she says. “The unfortunate side effect was that I was left with quite a lot of excess skin under my neck, so decided to see if there was anything that could bedone about it.”

At Bella Vou, she was introduced to consultant plastic surgeon Mr Amir Nakhdjevani, learning of his innovative ConceptTM Facelift, which uses local rather than a general anaesthetic during surgical procedures.

She continues: “Amir’s procedure has made cosmetic surgery much more accessible, as it’s something that you can do in a day, and within a week, you’re back to normal and can return to work.”

Indeed, the revolutionary procedure’s use of local anaesthetic significantly lowers the risks associated with a traditional facelift, which typically are carried out under a general anaesthetic. Significantly reducing the bruising and downtime of recovery from months to a matter of days, it takes just two to three hours, without the requirement of a hospital stay. The very same aspects of the face are addressed, e.g muscle tightening and excess skin removed.

“The results were astounding and immediately noticeable,” reflects Angie. “I was awake throughout the entire procedure, and could see the amazing effects straightaway. I took photos of my recovery over a week, and within that time, my makeup was back on and I’d returned to work.”

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Now, Angie feels better than ever, enjoying the aesthetic benefits, as well as the emotional and psychological shift that’s occurred as a result. She feels healthier, happier and younger, and today advises other people who are thinking of undergoing similar procedures, while looking forward to appearing and feeling her best for many years to come.

“It’s something that I would highly recommend people do if they want to,” she concludes. “I’m mesmerised by my face and can’t stop looking in the mirror. I see this as an investment; I’ve invested in my body and my face, and I plan to keep that going.”

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Bella Vou - Credit: Archant

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