Looking for a gym that provides flexibility for class times and professional expertise from trainers? 

UBX Alderley is now taking on new members for its specialist boxing and strength conditioning facilities – offering a world-class training regimen backed by the latest sports science. Open from 6am to 10pm seven days a week, UBX Alderley works around your own busy schedule. 

We chat to Ben Waldron, owner and director of UBX Alderley, about their unique approach to class times and workout sessions, as well as the benefits of becoming a member. 

A mixture of boxing and strength training 

UBX have implemented a training methodology inspired by co-founder and four-time world champion boxer, Danny Green. “A combination of boxing skills and drills, high-impact training and functional strength exercises helped Danny to stay at his peak,” reveals Ben.  

“We take a similar approach to ensure that our members receive training that helps them achieve their goals and see real results. Our workout consists of 12 three minute rounds on a rolling basis, meaning a session starts every 3 minutes. There is no pressure to put yourself in the ring if you don’t want to – our coaches are here to guide members through their own fitness journey.” 

Six of the rounds focus on boxing exercises, whilst the other six rounds include a combination of functional strength, cardio and conditioning movements. As well as furnishing you with the skills and techniques of a boxer, the workout provides valuable one-on-one time with coaches to work on form and pad work.

Classes that suit you 

You don’t need to worry about working class timetables into your existing schedule. UBX have done away completely with class start times, in favour of rolling sessions, with coaches on-hand to work with you in a small group-training environment. “We change up the sessions every single day - every time you visit, you’ll be working on something different,” explains Ben. 

“Whilst the rounds may be weight based, the exercises you undertake with our trainers will be focused on your specific aims and requirements. Whether you’re here to build muscle, lose weight or to practice your boxing techniques, our coaches work around you and provide the flexibility that you need.” 

Flexibility is a key advantage to members of UBX Alderley – from Monday to Friday you can train with our coaches or follow the workout yourself using the screens in the gym. By building up your confidence with one-to-one support, you can set the tone for your own sessions – whilst still trying out new things with the coaches.

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Experienced trainers focused on your goals 

UBX coaches effectively function as a personal trainer – individualising the workout session for you, as well as adapting the boxing and exercises on each round to suit your skills and fitness. The coaches will also implement training cycles – each with its own purpose including strength, power and peak performance. 

“Our trainers are true professionals with a variety of backgrounds and expertise,” Ben adds. “Marvin is a professional boxer, Terry is ranked as the number two for Thai boxing for the entire UK, and many more coaches who specialise in conditioning, rehab and more.”

Interested in taking part in a session? Visit UBX Alderley at The Studio, Congleton Road, SK10 4TD. To sign up for a membership, visit the website or call 01625 919691.