As the saying goes, "come for the winter, stay for the summer," a sentiment that resonates with those fortunate enough to experience the often-overlooked summer in the French Alps.

Our week-long stay at Chilly Powder’s Au Coin De Feu catered chalet in Morzine was a gem offering a full embrace of an adventure holiday in the Alps, a stark contrast to a previous visit to the area during ski season.

The driving force behind this haven is the Eyre family, who transformed a mere accommodation spot into a genuine home away from home.

Owners Paul and Francesca Eyre took a punt and left the London rat race to open the chalet business in the town where they first met.

Today, the premises boast 12 luxurious bedrooms and individual chalets, providing a ski-to-the-door service in the Portes Du Soleil area during winter.

However, in summer, it transforms into the perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts.

Great British Life: Summer in MorzineSummer in Morzine (Image: Chilly Powder)

Ready to dive headfirst (quite literally when it came to white-water rafting), my partner and I were keen to get stuck into everything the town had to offer.

As we arrived, we were provided a multi-pass which gave the keys to the French castle.

From leisurely chairlift rides over mountain tops to playing golf facing the famous Mont Blanc, Morzine (with the help of the multi-pass), quickly revealed itself as a playground for all ages. 

While Morzine town is within walking distance or reachable by a free bus service, we recommend hiring a car to fully explore the region.

From paddleboarding at Lac De Montriond to taking a trip to the medieval town of Yvoire, the car helped us save up our energy for the good stuff. 

Great British Life: Lac de MontriondLac de Montriond (Image: PMcTaggart)

After experiencing the exhilarating heights of Pointe de Nyon's Le Pas de l'Aigle, a glass footbridge suspended mid-air at an altitude of 2019 meters, offering panoramic views of Mont Blanc - an adventure not for the faint-hearted, returning to our abode at the end of the day was a welcome prospect.  

From a jacuzzi on site, massage hut, pool table, games console, and fireplace, the chalet really does have it all.

However, what truly stood out was its communal dining setting, where guests gather to unwind together over a delectable five-course meal, accompanied by specialty wines and cheeses from various French provinces falling in front of you. 

Great British Life: Communal dining setting at Chilly PowderCommunal dining setting at Chilly Powder (Image: Chilly Powder)

I don't let dietary preferences spoil a good holiday, but my partner is a pescatarian.

Having asked us this a month prior to our visit, we considered whether we would have to remind them.

But as we arrived, there was a fresh salmon awaiting putting my partner’s mind at ease and a nod that Chilly Powder was ready to go above and beyond the week ahead.

Speaking of food, Chilly Powder doesn't merely cater; it indulges.

Whilst Francesca, the cordon bleu chef and owner was away at the time of our visit, the food quality she has clearly instilled doesn’t disappear.

It's also worth noting Chilly Powder’s unwavering dedication to sustainability and ethical sourcing in this day and age.

Whether it be repurposing leftover wine from the night before to make red wine vinegar throughout the year to their recycled 'Who Gives A Crap' loo roll. 

And the night’s previous cheeseboard that was mentioned often makes a welcomed appearance in the next night’s meal.

Great British Life: Town of MorzineTown of Morzine (Image: Sam Ingles)

The real stars of the show for us however, were the staff, or as they quickly became, pals.

After days filling up on sunshine, games of tennis, and cheese fondue, the camaraderie found in the in-house sports bar felt like a homecoming.

Swapping tales over nightcaps in a bar the owner has essentially built with his bare hands will be particularly memorable. 

There’s a reason why the staff consistently get positively name-checked in every TripAdvisor review, they deserve it. And at the end of each day, you’re excited to see them again.

As we bid adieu to Chilly Powder, it was not just a farewell; it was a promise to return.

Fact File: 

Chilly Powder operates year-round, offering active summer holidays for individuals, groups and families looking to experience the stunning Portes du Soleil region.

Summer prices start from €665 per person based on two adults sharing a standard bedroom for seven nights, or €1,853 for two adults and two children sharing a standard family bedroom.

Prices are based on a half-board basis with wine included in the evening meals. Self-catered chalets and winter ski holidays are also available.

To learn more or to making a booking, contact Chilly Powder on or 020 7289 6958 or visit