Tommy Orwin, landscape artist (Bakewell)

How long have you been painting?

I first picked up a brush around 2017 but quickly became frustrated as I didn't have a clue what I was doing. It was the beginning of the first lockdown, March 2020, I began to consistently paint and have been ever since.

What gives you the most joy?

The nature of the medium offers a spontaneity and unforgiveness that at the beginning I found frustrating but came to really enjoy. Also, being in the moment and fully focused is an addictive feeling.

Great British Life: Tommy at work Photo: Tommy OrwinTommy at work Photo: Tommy Orwin

Are there any parts of Derbyshire/Peak District you particularly enjoy painting?

The moorland between Baslow and Sheffield I find very special. Also, areas in and around Bakewell or anywhere with a long distant view.

Are there any particular conditions you enjoy?

Early morning and early evening offer decent lighting conditions. Painting in warm weather is challenging due to drying times, but also really rewarding.

Do you have a favourite method?

I start with the lightest parts first, working top down with the largest lightest shapes - sky and earth - and let this dry. The second wash includes the next largest shapes - buildings, trees etcs - largest to smallest, lightest to darkest.

Which painting to date are you most proud of and why?

Probably the Castle Street reflections piece. It was a lot of trial and error - the result of around 15 attempts over a two year period. The roof shapes I find interesting, it's a very aesthetically pleasing street and the spontaneity of the reflections works well.

Great British Life: Hatch Photo: Tommy OrwinHatch Photo: Tommy Orwin

Great British Life: Khapaudi Photo: Tommy OrwinKhapaudi Photo: Tommy Orwin