In this month’s instalment we get to know an award-winning magazine collage landscape artist

How long have you been creating collage artwork?

I used to dabble with painting, but my eureka moment came when I abandoned paints and pastels to experiment with magazine cuttings in 2015. My career as a graphic designer was ending and I still needed to earn a living! I never dreamt I’d be an ‘artist’, but by autumn 2016 I was sufficiently encouraged by people’s response to my artwork to commit to this new career.

What particularly gives you joy?

The irony of breathing new life into old magazines destined for the recycling bin appeals to my sense of humour. I also feel blessed to have so much fun working! Magazine Collage is a rich medium - each piece brings surprises as cuttings take on a new appearance at a different scale, in a different context. Researching new pieces by visiting beaches, or hillwalking in Snowdonia, also feels like a pretty good day ‘in the office’!

Great British Life: Dovedale snow Photo: Giles DaviesDovedale snow Photo: Giles Davies

Where do you take inspiration from?

I love the condensed beauty of the Peak District, with its variety of landscapes. It’s special. There’s a reason Dovedale’s so popular – it epitomises this small-scale drama, and I’ve found myself returning regularly to work there. ‘Dovedale, early sun’ was my first successful attempt to work ‘en plein air’ – sitting on my stool with a box of cuttings for a couple of hours at 6am during a heatwave, completing it in my studio in just 12 hours. It became my submission piece for Sky Landscape Artist of the Year (to be broadcast January 2024).

Great British Life: Giles Davies Photo: Giles DaviesGiles Davies Photo: Giles Davies

Which painting are you most proud of and why?

'Dovedale, early sun’ marks a bit of a watershed. Working on the spot is not only fun, it forces me to be more focused and spontaneous. I always run out of suitable cuttings, and return to the studio to complete, but I think this discipline is bringing fresh life to my work.

Great British Life: Dovedale heatwave Photo: Giles DaviesDovedale heatwave Photo: Giles Davies