Adam Thackeray has worked in some of the country’s best restaurants including the one Michelin star, Johns House, Sat Bains two Michelin star restaurant with rooms in Nottingham and at two Michelin star Restaurant Andrew Fairlie at Gleneagles. The 29-year-old, whose love for cooking was sparked through his mum Debra who is a talented local baker, he is now happily planted at the 3 AA Rosette Fischer’s Baslow Hall, where he is head chef. Here he shares his food loves.

Tell us a little about Fischer's and what took you there.

After starting my career working in Sheffield at various hotels and restaurants, I decided to enrol at Sheffield College to learn patisserie. It was here I met Mick Burke, an industry legend, he taught me pastry, and introduced me to Rupert Rowley, the head chef at Fischer’s at the time. I arrived for a trial shift at Fischer’s Feb 2014 and was blown away by the level of attention/ detail/emphasis on good food and service. It has been a second home ever since. A place I have learned/grown/developed.

What does Christmas look like for you?

Lobsters/scallops/langoustines/oysters to start with dippy bread for the cooking juices/butter. Roasted goose, potatoes, and veg. Christmas Pudding. Family.

First dish you learned to cook?

Beef bourguignon.

Most vivid childhood food memory?

Dad’s stew and dumplings at the weekend when it was cold and miserable outside.

Most memorable meal out?

Bar Iberico in Nottingham, really good food, and the best company. I find sometimes when eating out the experience and the people you are with becomes more important than the food.

Favourite ingredient?


Your go-to snack?

Rice cracker/peanut butter/jam/thinly sliced banana.

If you weren't a chef, what would you be doing?

Sports coach. Before I became a chef this was something I was working towards, unfortunately, a motorcycle accident put me in hospital and caused me to miss my college exams and I ended up working part time in kitchens, this became my career!

Your dream dinner guest?

An old school friend, who sadly is no longer with us.

Guilty food pleasure?

My sous chef John’s pastries.

Your Derbyshire food heroes?

Max Fischer.

A food industry person who inspires?

Again, Max Fischer. His endless passion and work ethic, whether it be waking up early every morning to either get to the gym or to get to work, consistently showing up and determined.

A place you love to eat?

Raby Hunt is my all-time favourite restaurant, closely followed by Trinity Clapham. I also love to go to Marmadukes in Sheffield on my days off for a good breakfast!

A career highlight?

Accepting the job I have now back at Fischer’s has been a pretty good highlight within my career. The feeling of progression week on week is something I thrive on. Close second to this would be being offered the job working for Andrew Fairlie in Scotland, such an amazing place, amazing opportunity, and such a huge learning curve.

What's next?

Continuing to nurture and develop my team in the kitchen here at Fischer’s, as well as my own food style, slowly but surely moving forwards every day.

My favourite dish

This would have to be the mushroom dish we have on the menu at the minute,’ says Adam. ‘For me it just screams autumn, roasted mushrooms, sage, leeks, we finish it in the restaurant with fresh English autumn truffle.’

Great British Life: King Blue Mushroom, Leek, Sage Photo: Marc BarkerKing Blue Mushroom, Leek, Sage Photo: Marc Barker