Speak with the 83-year-old owner of Hagg Hill Hall Melvyn Humphreys and you’ll be immediately struck with his passion he holds and displays towards his beloved property, nestled off the beaten track in rural Tupton, near Chesterfield.

This is a characterful and historically significant place – some parts of Hagg Hill Hall date back to the 1500s and the time of the Tudors, with the majority of the building dating from around 1650 – which has enjoyed mixed fortunes over the centuries.

And make no mistake, Mel, who gets a real thrill out of breathing new life into buildings, has put blood, sweat and tears into making it the stunning and popular venue it is today.

Whilst Hagg Hill Hall is still very much a family home, and has that feel about it, it is nevertheless considered as one of the county’s most sought-after and unique getaways – having welcomed over 9,000 guests since opening its doors as a luxurious holiday home in 2010.

Able to sleep 22 and including an indoor heated pool, sauna, indoor and outdoor jacuzzis and an indoor BBQ hut amongst other features – such as a giant outdoor chess set and children’s playfield - it’s a fabulous mix of oldy worldly living meets luxury.

‘It’s all inclusive too,’ smiles Mel, who sees customer satisfaction as the cornerstone of all he does, determined as he is to ensure the hall offers the ‘wow factor’.

‘I hate it when places charge for add-ons – extra for fire logs, extra for towels… it’s not how we do things.’

The opportunity for guests to make use of their own private pool, jacuzzi area and the likes certainly help with that wow factor but equally, if not more so, is the ambiance of a place brimming with history and the feeling and atmosphere this creates.

‘The dining room probably gets the biggest reaction,’ adds Mell. ‘People comment that it’s like being in Downton Abbey. It’s a magical part of the house that has created many wonderful moments for both myself, my family, and guests over the years.’

And when it comes to guests, all are welcome – from adults, teenagers, children, even the family dog!

‘We’ve hosted all sorts of people and parties,’ reveals Mel. ‘Birthdays, hen weekends, family reunions, walking holidays, Christmas getaways, wedding receptions… you name it, we’ve hosted it.’

With the myriad period pieces, artefacts of interest, wide open space to enjoy against stunning scenery and, of course, the modern luxuries, Mel prides himself on offering a destination where guests could quite easily turn up and never have to leave for the duration of their stay.

As you’d imagine of a building with such longevity, Hagg Hill Hall has gone through many incarnations over the years.

These range from being the estate of a country gentleman (its original purpose), a working farm, a family home and even as a makeshift hospital during the First World War, the evidence of which can still be seen by virtue of a plaque on the wall.

All this embedded history enables guests to seamlessly switch from feeling like a lord and lady of the manor one minute – enjoying the comforts of a roaring open fire and grand country house-style dining quarters - to experiencing 21st century luxury the next.

This Grade II listed eclectic stone manor house with all its curiosities and comforts is truly experiential in nature, offering one of Derbyshire’s most unique getaway opportunities.

As Mel concludes: ‘Whether you want to create precious moments with your family or you need a venue that allows quiet time away from the group, Hagg Hill Hall delivers.’

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