ROB PADLEY, Oil painter

How long have you been painting?

As long as I can remember. As a child I was glued to Tony Hart’s TV shows and copied everything he made; he’s partly responsible for a lifetime of creativity. About eight years ago I began painting again as a hobby and haven’t stopped since. During lockdown I began to explore a particular technique and style, and the concentration required is what kept me sane.

What gives you joy?

I love to explore the process and push my abilities. If I try something new, I’m thinking about the next steps to improve. I love learning about oil paints because they all have unique properties which need to be harnessed. I also like the feeling of satisfaction of creating something unique.

Great British Life: Departure 20.15 Departure 20.15 (Image: Rob Padley)

Any parts of Derbyshire you particularly enjoy painting?

I’m lucky to live in a cottage in a small village and have started drawing and sketching in the garden. I’m hoping to expand into the local area, painting fields and lanes. It feels good to get back to basics.

Do you have a favourite method?

A few years ago I took a train journey through a very flat landscape and painted the view in motion. In the studio, using large brushes and copious amounts of paint, I set off on a mission to paint the perfectly straight line and I’m still exploring this idea.

Which painting are you most proud of?

Always recent ones because they’re a result of developing my process further. The ‘Locations’ series are the conclusion of three years work experimenting with many layers of paint, thinned down with turpentine, and built up over months until I’m happy. It’s hard to beat the satisfaction of completing a large body of work, but immediately I’m thinking about the next project and where it will take me.,

Great British Life: Location 30.2 and 30.12 Location 30.2 and 30.12 (Image: Rob Padley)