Buckle up as you embark on the Ageless journey of a lifetime! Imagine driving a car blindfolded –uncertain, chaotic, dangerous, even terrifying. Yet, when it comes to our health. Our wellbeing. Our future. We often find ourselves in this predicament. Genetics, diets, lifestyle, environment, injuries, and various events impact us at a cellular level, resulting in change inside out.

Ageism's status quo is that we accept physical, emotional, and even social decline as we age. But what if we refuse? What if we rebel? What if we whole-heartedly and defiantly say NO to ageing. We no longer accept the excuse that our aches, pains, chronic issues, fatigue, and weight gain are due to our advancing years. Let's flip the script, get to know our body's needs and requirements, and seize control. So, what if we can find a road map to our cells that can guide us towards optimisation at a cellular level, transform our wellbeing, and extend our health span. Imagine a life where every bodily nuance is understood and a roadmap to recovery and prevention is at your fingertips.

Great British Life:

Consider hormonal balance. At some stage, all men and women will be affected by hormonal imbalance, especially those suffering from chronic debilitating stress and anxiety. Imagine life with No anxiety, mood changes, brain fog, poor libido, insomnia, sweats, more muscle, less weight, more energy, or worrying about the risks of cancer, especially during peri, meno, and postmenopause. What if you could know your precise hormone levels for your age or if the levels you have are putting you at risk of increased weight, poor libido, hair loss, increased bleeding, cysts, or cancer? What if you could measure your resilience and optimise your brain health.

Or knowing exactly what type of diet your body needs, which includes future health risks or supplementary requirements unique to you instead of opting for a one-size-fits-all. Athletes and exercise enthusiasts, listen up: Understand your muscle composition, injury risks, and recovery potential to fine-tune your training regimen for peak performance. DNAsport is the cutting-edge technology professional athletes and Olympians use to excel and is also available to you. And for those plagued by gut issues, uncover the root cause of infections, inflammation, and chronic fatigue with insights into leaky gut syndrome, intolerances, and more. Imagine a life where you can have a test that tells you exactly what your body and cells need or what causes injury and why.

Great British Life:

Technology is evolving rapidly, and various solutions are being provided to prioritise a comprehensive understanding of our patients at a cellular level. Uniskin stands apart from traditional beauty and aesthetic centers, spearheading an ageless campaign globally. Our unique approach integrates aesthetics, which focuses on restoring external signs of ageing with genetics, hormonal balance, and nutrition to promote cellular rejuvenation, transcending traditional beauty and aesthetic paradigms of all ages and promoting longevity and vitality from within.

Uniskin's founder, Tania Malan, is an experienced nurse practitioner with 33 years in medicine, hormones, genetics, and aesthetics. She has treated over 300,000 patients, authored over 33 research papers, and written an Amazon best-seller called Ageless: The Cellular Secrets to Looking and Feeling Your Best. 

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Juanita van der Berg (Aesthetician, Nutrigenomist, and Nutrigenetic expert), backed by partners in biochemistry, specialist pharmacists, functional medicine experts and much more. Earning them the accolades of "Best Clinic East Midlands and Wales as well as Midlands and North of England" and "Best Nurse England and Wales" at several awards in 2024. Tania is a distinguished global speaker who is now focusing on sharing expertise and experience with women at the "Raw to Roar" event on a bold mission to transform health and wellbeing.

Tania has invited the distinguished Kate Muir, the investigatory journalist, author, creator, and producer of the two award-winning documentaries "Davina McCall: Sex, Myths, and the Menopause" as well as "Davina McCall: Sex, Mind, and the Menopause," for Channel 4. Kate's books include "Everything You Need to Know About Menopause But Were Too Afraid to Ask and another with the same title about the pill.

Great British Life:

Come and hear Kate speak about her tumultuous journey, her discoveries of the sloppy science, and hysterical headlines that directly impact women's health. Our Roar event consists of global experts sharing their knowledge and expertise with you. "Women of Derbyshire, you are not defined by your age. Your health. Your history. Your style. Because all that matters is that spark inside that is uniquely yours.

Don't let your past dampen your now. Don't let conformity consume who you are. You are born both brilliant and beautiful. And it's all yours for the taking. Your power should never be whispered. RoOOOar into your future with Raw to Roar".

The event is on the 21st of June 2022 at Makeney Hall. Tickets cost £100. 

Find out more about the event and book your place here.