We're a nation of animal lovers, with 12.5 million people owning a dog in the UK. If you're thinking of bringing a dog into your family, please consider adoption. RSPCA Danaher Animal Home in Wethersfield, Essex, has plenty of wonderful furry friends to bring into your home. Here they introduce us to just three of them...


This smiley staffie is Judy! She came into our care after being found as a stray, we rehomed her this year but she was returned to us through no fault of her own, so the staff here who absolutely love little Judy are desperate for her to find her happy ending once again!

Judy is typical of her breed, a sweet-natured dog, and despite her senior age, she is full of energy, loves to play and get out and about on walks! She has some arthritis in her legs, but this doesn't stop her getting around the home except she can't quite manage the stairs. We have Judy on a joint supplement here and recommend it is continued in her new home to keep her comfortable.

Around the home Judy is house trained, loves to snuggle up with you on a comfy sofa, and can be left for a few hours without any worries. She is good natured with everyone she meets and has had some contact with young children. Judy also knows sit, paw and lay down, and she needs some further training with travelling in a car.

Judy isn't comfortable around other dogs, therefore needs to be the only dog in the home. She would prefer quieter walks with few dogs around, build up areas will be too overwhelming for her. Judy likes a quiet life and really enjoys a quiet stroll in the woods or exploring around lakes!

Judy's ideal home would be an adult only home that can provide her with stability and a good routine. Judy is most happiest when she has a routine and she can predict her day, a good routine should include similar walking and feeding times daily as well as a similar owner working hours. We are also looking for owners with Staffordshire bull terrier experience who understand exactly what Judy is all about and needs.

Teddy and Bess

Great British Life: Teddy and Bess are a dynamic duo!Teddy and Bess are a dynamic duo! (Image: Danaher Animal Home)

Our delightful duo Teddy and Bess are looking for a home where they can stay together and continue their love for one another.

Teddy is the older gentleman of the two who adores bottom tickles and all the cuddles he can soak up. Bess will play fetch with her favourite toys until it's time to get in on the cuddles with Teddy.

These two are bonded and enjoy lazing around on the same bed together. They have been together for 7 years! Teddy is 11 years old and is on an easily available joint supplement for some old age legs, but this doesn't stop him!

Teddy and Bess are both extremely well socialised and take everything in their stride! They have even lived with cats before so cats used to dogs are considered!

Bess can become very excited and bark on lead but this soon calms down once she gets going.

If you feel you can offer this duo their new home together, then please fill out an interest form at www.danaheranimalhome.org.uk

Not ready to adopt but would like to help Teddy and Bess find their forever home? Please consider making a donation so that we can continue to find them the loving home they desperately deserve.