Sure, we all fantasise about having a younger, fresher looking complexion, but can you really get significant results without injections and surgery?

At Vie Aesthetics, the answer is yes. Dr Loannis Liakas, medical director at doctors-only Vie Aesthetics clinic in Essex, shares how their new Morpheus8 treatment is the natural and safe answer to achieving glowing skin.

Q: What are the benefits of non-surgical skin remodelling?

Non-surgical skin remodelling procedures such as radiofrequency and micro-needling (which are combined in the Morpheus8 treatment) are great for promoting healthier skin from within, penetrating much deeper than a typical facial could.

Such treatments stimulate your own fibroblasts (cells that create collagen), thus providing longer lasting results with minimal downtime, compared to surgical treatments. This can be boosted and reinforced with a medical-grade and tailored skincare regime.

Q: How does the Morpheus8 treatment work?

Morpheus8 is a skin modelling treatment that uses microneedling to deliver radiofrequency deep into the skin’s tissue through the tips of 24 tiny needles. It penetrates deeper than any other micro needling treatment out there, triggering the skin to repair itself and restoring its firmness and elasticity.

Our bodies naturally produce collagen which encourages skin renewal. The radiofrequency speeds up this natural process, stimulating collagen which rejuvenates and tightens the skin. The treatment also works on the fat underneath your epidermis (the layers of your skin) to tighten and lift, giving your skin a fresh and radiant appearance.

It can be performed on the face, neck and body – it's the celebrity secret to perfect skin used by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Amanda Holden and Judy Murray.

Great British Life: Vie Aesthetics are offering a free Vie Express Aqua Facial when you book a package of three treatments of Morpheus8 at their clinic in Essex.Vie Aesthetics are offering a free Vie Express Aqua Facial when you book a package of three treatments of Morpheus8 at their clinic in Essex. (Image: Vie Aesthetics)

Q: What skin concerns can Morpheus8 treat?

The treatment can help to restore your facial contours and reduce the appearance of smile lines and sagging skin below the eyes. It can soften the appearance of stretch marks and acne scarring, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and smooth and tighten sagging skin across the body, including your neck, legs and abdomen.

The Morpheus8 device is suitable for all skin types, and for men and women. The technology also reduces the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Q: When will I see results and how long will they last?

You will begin to see changes to your complexion around a month after the treatment, but optimum results will show at around six months.

The number of treatments will affect the outcome given. You can opt to have one treatment, but we would recommend a course of three treatments with three-week intervals for the best results.

Following this, only one treatment on an annual basis is necessary to maintain the treatment.

Great British Life: Dr Liakas, medical director at Vie Aesthetics Clinic in Essex.Dr Liakas, medical director at Vie Aesthetics Clinic in Essex. (Image: Vie Aesthetics)

Q: Is there a way to prolong the results?

By following our advised aftercare programme correctly, you can help to prolong the effects of the Morpheus8 treatment. Post-treatment, we advise you to go makeup-free for several days to allow the skin to react to the treatment properly. We recommend returning to your usual skincare regime between one and three days after the treatment depending on how your skin reacts (avoid exfoliating or using retinol products until the skin has healed).

Four weeks post-treatment, make sure you are using SPF 30+ several times a day (and ideally continue this permanently) and avoid significant UV exposure. Caring for your skin will allow time for it to heal and react to the treatment in the most efficient way, whilst keeping the skin healthy and in turn, maintaining your results until your next treatment.

Q: Can Morpheus8 be used with fillers or surgery?

Absolutely. While some cosmetic treatments cannot be performed on skin that has been injected with filler or undergone surgical procedures, this is not the case with Morpheus8.

A treatment like HIFU (High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound) cannot be used over fillers or threads. Morpheus8, on the other hand, penetrates deeper under the layers of skin as not to unsettle the filler.

Q: What’s the downtime for this treatment?

Morpheus8 has minimal-to-no downtime. Of course, every patient will experience the treatment differently according to their skin type. We only ever tend to see mild redness or small scabs on the skin which will reduce and heal in the days following the treatment. Some bruising and Edema (swelling of the skin) can occur up to a week but is a perfectly normal reaction and will reduce quickly if the skin is cared for.

Vie Aesthetics are currently gifting a signature ‘Vie Express AquaFacial’ when you book a full course of Morpheus8.

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