Driving anywhere in the UK can often mean coming across roads that are bad for your tyres. You will notice this in counties like Essex which have some fast roads with potholes that have developed

Simply by driving over a pothole at 60 or 70 miles per hour can lead to a complete blowout of your tyre. Equally, towns like Rinham, Brentwood and Chigwell will often have debris on them, sometimes from spilt loads on trunk roads or broken glass in the town centre.

This can lead to punctures that may be less dramatic than blowouts but no less problematic in terms of endangering your safety when out and about. There again, sharp sticks, cattle grids and thorns are also an issue for motorists in rural areas of the county, such as High Roding, Tiptree or Kelvedon Hatch.

What you need to counter these problems is a Road Hero Space Saver Kit from Elite Direct.

Why are these kits so helpful? No Need for Roadside Assistance

Unless you are already knowledgeable about changing your car's wheel for a spare, you will need to call roadside assistance to help you. If you suffer a blowout on the M25, the M11 or another fast-moving road, then sitting on the hard shoulder awaiting help can often be dangerous.

It is even less appealing when you don't have a hard shoulder to pull over onto, such as some sections of the A120 or the A414, for example. Sitting it out next to speeding traffic is, basically, something that endangers your life and that of your passengers.

However, speedily changing your punctured tyre for a Road Hero one means that you can continue your journey until it is a convenient time to have it professionally replaced for a full tyre.

How Does a Road Hero Space Saver Kit Keep You Safe?

By remaining stationary for a shorter period of time, you will inevitably feel more assured of your safety. What's more, you get everything you need, including the tools to change the wheel, within the kit so you can get on with the job without delay.

Even better, the space-saving kit takes up less room in your car's boot than a conventional spare wheel, affording you more room of other things. This means you are more likely to carry a spare at all, of course.

However, it also means that lifting and fitting the new wheel is easier, requiring less physical exertion. As such, it is a simpler job to carry out safely by the roadside.

Don't get caught in a dire situation waiting in an isolated spot for hours on end for rescue when you could take matters into your own hands with a Road Hero Space Saver Kit.