There’s something quite magical about visiting a Christmas Tree farm in late November or early December to select your home’s festive centrepiece. It’s a family tradition that’s often passed through the generations, lending a real sense of nostalgia to the occasion. And whether you opt for the popular no-drop Nordmann Fir or the eye-catching Blue Spruce, that moment when you find ‘the one’ is absolutely thrilling – signifying the start of the season’s festivities.

One of the county’s finest Christmas Tree farms – Christmas Wrapped Up – can be found in the historical village of High Easter. ‘We’re a family-run business and I am responsible for overseeing it’, explains manager Charlotte Jerram. ‘My husband Mark Jerram and I started it up together in 1995; however, he died suddenly in 2007 and I have been running it ever since with the help of my three daughters.’

Caring for the trees takes a lot of time, effort and dedication, particularly given the plentiful wildlife in this little corner of Essex. ‘We have huge problems with deer, which are pretty good at jumping over the top of our fences,’ Charlotte explains. ‘In addition, weed control around the trees is a constant battle – if they are allowed to get too prolific, they sap all the nutrients.’

Christmas Wrapped Up boasts an impressive 54 acres of non-drop Nordmann Fir, which are the most popular tree. ‘We also have large Blue Spruce trees, which are very pretty but very spiky!’ adds Charlotte.

First-time visitors to the farm are in good hands, and the knowledgeable staff are only too happy to offer help and advice. ‘We suggest that the customer puts the tree away from direct heat if at all possible, and turns off the underfloor heating or the radiator,’ reveals Charlotte. ‘We also recommend putting the tree in a water-retaining stand, as this all helps its longevity. If a tree is cut in November and left outside in the cool, it will remain green till at least April – we say treat it like a cut flower!’

Alongside Christmas Trees, Christmas Wrapped Up offers a vast selection of decorations, sourced from all over the world including traditional pieces that may become family heirlooms in years to come. ‘We make beautiful hand-made wreaths and garlands to order, along with at least 50 pre-made designs to choose from at any one time’, adds Charlotte. ‘We also have a big box of King Edward potatoes that are grown by the next-door farmer, Bill Halls. Customers can help themselves and make a donation to the British Heart Foundation. All the proceeds go to the charity in memory of Bill’s late wife Janet and my husband, Mark.’

Given that this Christmas Tree Farm has been running for more than 28 years, it’s not hard to see why customers return year after year to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

‘At Christmas Wrapped Up we are very lucky to have lots of loyal customers who have been coming for years; we have seen babies turn into adults who now bring their children along. In addition, we have a tree plantation next to the yard where families are welcome to wander and to take photos. We also have a café run by Alice who offers homemade cakes, delicious hot chocolate and pulled pork rolls at the weekends – it really is fun for all the family.’

And how will Charlotte be celebrating Christmas this year? ‘My tree is always a Nordmann Fir and usually one left over,’ she smiles. ‘I decorate mine with traditional red and gold, warm white lights and I fill it with lots of artificial flowers and stems.’

Christmas Wrapped Up is open November 7-December 22 every day, with late nights on Thursdays until 7pm.