Nigel Wallace lives with his wife and Pippa and the couple’s springer spaniel and launched his illustration business White One Sugar 25 years ago.

Here he talks all things Essex...

Where is your favourite place in Essex and why?

I have always been a fan of Colchester Zoo. I have seen it grow over many years and it has always been a great place to take the children. I will have to try and go again this year!

Great British Life: Dovercourt Lighthouse DayDovercourt Lighthouse Day (Image: White One Sugar)Great British Life: Dovercourt Lighthouse SunriseDovercourt Lighthouse Sunrise (Image: White One Sugar)

What has been your favourite Essex poster to create and why?

I love the seaside, as you can see from my print collection, and the unusual lighthouses at Dovercourt just caught my eye when I first saw them so they just had to go in the series.

How many posters have you now created in total?

I now have over 800 images in the series from around the world. Plus probably more than 100 commissions from people's private houses, beer bottle labels through to estate agent signs. I only have a few of Essex at the moment, but it is one of the areas that I am doing a lot more of now.

What are the challenges that AI is bringing?

AI is affecting artists like myself on the web because thousands of pictures are being produced like mine using AI software. The trouble is that most of them don't look like the place they say they are depicting. They just throw a few words at AI software and up comes a picture of anywhere.

Great British Life: Frinton Lifeboat artwork was used on the cover of Essex Life March 2024 issueFrinton Lifeboat artwork was used on the cover of Essex Life March 2024 issue (Image: White One Sugar)

What might people know about your designs?

I have been drawing these images for over twenty years and have never got tired of driving around the country looking for new places to draw.