Open plan living is hugely desirable, and nothing lends itself more than a kitchen extension, says Steve Rawding, sales and marketing director at SEH BAC

The way we live in our homes has evolved over the years. Gone are the days of compartmentalised spaces and rooms, a new era of open plan living has emerged, blurring the lines between rooms, and fostering a sense of connection, making the traditional ‘two-up, two-down’ house a thing of the past. 

At the heart of this trend lies the kitchen extension, perfect for modern day living and seamlessly connecting the different areas of a home.

The kitchen has expanded its purely functional role to become the central hub of many homes. Kitchen extensions allow homeowners to realise this vision, providing ample space for cooking, casual dining, relaxing and social gatherings, while the open plan nature of them can provide closer family interaction.

Redefine the way you use your home

A kitchen extension is the best way to transform a cramped space into somewhere that the whole family can enjoy by opening up the area and flooding it with natural light. They can vary in size and can be designed as small structures or larger ones.

A single-storey extension can extend the rear of your property to create a space that connects your kitchen with a dining area or living space.

An open plan kitchen extension will remove walls and could incorporate bi-fold doors or large glazed areas to merge your kitchen with the outdoors to create the perfect transition between inside and out and create a light and airy feel.

If you have a corner plot, then an L-shaped extension will maximise floor space and natural light while creating a multifunctional kitchen area and potentially incorporating a small dining area.

Bespoke to you and your home

Optimising the layout is essential when planning space and creating the areas you want, so make sure you create a design that maximises space, functionality, and flow and works for your home and how you want to use it.

Depending on the size and nature of the extension, you might require planning permission from your local council, but any reputable home improvement company will be able to advise on local planning regulations.

Choosing the right roof for your kitchen extension, such as glass, tiled or solid, is also important and will help with letting in natural light and the illusion of even more space.

Add value in every sense

The advantages of kitchen extensions extend far beyond aesthetics, too. Increased natural light brightens the space, while strategically placed windows or bi-fold doors play a vital role in helping with ventilation.

And don’t forget, a kitchen extension is also an investment that adds significant value to your property. 

So, why not take the first step in redefining the way you use your home and turn your vision of open plan living into a reality with a kitchen extension that is perfectly tailored to your lifestyle and your home.

SEH BAC has more than 50 years’ experience in designing and building stunning kitchen extensions for homes in Essex and the surrounding area and has 11 state-of-the-art showrooms across the South East for inspiration.  For more information, call 0800 666 444 or visit

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