Samantha Williams can’t stress this enough, it’s never too late to transform your style.

The stylist strongly believes in the transformative effects of clothes and she is spreading the joy of finding a styler that feels good to the clients she works with.

She launched Buttons and Blazers in 2021 after retiring from the Met Police and is thrilled to have taken a deep dive into her passion for fashion.

“It is never too late to rethink your style,” says Samantha. “I have always loved clothes, and the right clothes can change so much more than just how you look - they can transform the way you feel.

“If you are unhappy, who you are now is not who you have to be. It is possible to feel great in what you wear.

“You might be a new mum or an empty nester, whatever a person’s situation, they have come to me because they are at a time in their lives when what they are wearing is not working and they need a bit of guidance.”

Great British Life: Casual cool – Sam wearing a tailored jacket.Casual cool – Sam wearing a tailored jacket. (Image: Samantha Williams)

Samantha says springtime is the perfect time of year to clear out your wardrobe and see what you have in a new light.

“Spring is a great time to start to look through what you have. Styling is not all about buying new things, I reintroduce people to their own wardrobes,” says Samantha.

“I hear all the time ‘I didn’t realise I had that’ and get excited about the options they have. Then we start putting outfits together having. I take photos throughout, so they have a references to look back on.”

So, how does Samantha work out what works for her clients?

“It’s more about how the person feels in what they are wearing. We should only wear what we feel great in,” she says.

“That is why I always go by the client and tap into what makes them feel their best. I ask them what have worn that made them feel great. Then I dig down into what it was about that outfit that made them feel good and go from there.”

Her services include wardrobe editing, women’s and men’s styling, colour and body shape analysis, online styling and personal shopping.

Samantha is adept at guiding her clients in what they should wear.

“I start with body shape so we can work out the areas they want to show off and maybe other areas they want to disguise we get a better sense of what to wear,” she says.

Great British Life: Dress to impress – Sam lives in tailored trousers in winter but loves to switch to skirts and dresses in the summer monthsDress to impress – Sam lives in tailored trousers in winter but loves to switch to skirts and dresses in the summer months (Image: Samantha Williams)

“I am straight up and down and so I suit blazers and jackets. I also show them how to play with print and also how use it to disguise areas. We will uncover your style personality, discover the right colours for your skin tone and learn how to dress your body shape. My personal styling will give you all the tips and tricks you need to choose clothes that fit and flatter so you can look and feel great for any occasion.”

It is easy to fall into a fashion rut and Sam loves to see people have their fashion interest sparked after working with her.

“It's very easy to feel a bit lost when it comes to personal style. We tend to be creatures of habit, and choose things on repeat without really knowing which styles, shapes and colours really suit us best.

“Some might have been going back to default buys and its not working. If every time you go out to the shops you come back with a stripy jumper, although there’s nothing wrong with a stripy jumper, but if it's every time, then you might be in a bit of rut."

The former chief inspector says her former “unglamorous job” did not allow her to express her creative streak through clothes. After retiring Samantha trained in June 2021 and launched her website in 2021.

Great British Life: Cosy fashion – Sam believes looking good is about feeling good.Cosy fashion – Sam believes looking good is about feeling good. (Image: Samantha Williams)

“The huge plus for me was being able to retire after 30 years and use that as a spring board to work in something I am passionate about,” she says.

“I truly love what I do and get so much joy working with people. I have messages from people all the time saying I need your help. There is a lot of joy in these sessions and I am able to show them their clothes with fresh eyes.”

How would Samantha describe her personal style?

“I like to nod to trends not be a slave to them,” she says.

“Double denim is big right now so I might wear a denim shirt and pair it with smart, tailored trousers. I always update for the season and love to wear dresses all summer long.

“I like to keep an eye on street style and see what is wearable from the trends from the catwalks.”

Samantha counts Bluewater, Ashford and Seven Oaks as some of her favourite places to shop but she advises people to only buy items once they know what they have.

“We should all be going shopping with what we have in the wardrobe in our heads. Will it go with what you already have, how many ways will you be able to wear it, what will you pair it with? Everything you buy needs to have at least 30 wears.

“It’s all about mindful shopping and maximising what you have to make you feel your best.”