The softest underwear made with tightly woven organic Pima cotton, Juliemay is all about underwear that cares for women's skin and looks beautiful.

It was watching her mother Juliemay suffer with a painful skin condition, that inspired Tiffany Chiu to create the UK's only allergy-friendly underwear.

The online lingerie business, which is based in Herne Bay, offers silk and cotton lingerie made with breathable certified organic Pima cotton that is hypo-allergenic and comfortable.

'The lingerie feels soft on the skin and does not cause skin irritation. It helps those with sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, or contact dermatitis find comfort in the clothes they wear,' explains Tiffany.

'The idea came when my mum Juliemay had my baby sister Carol. She had hormone changes and suddenly had rashes on her body and nothing she wore was comfortable.

'It is so rewarding hearing from women who can comfortably wear Juliemay lingerie after not being able to tolerate anything previously. They tell me they have found something for the first time. My mum loves the lingerie as well and her opinion matters so much to me.'

The business, which has been running since 2018, saw Tiffany, who is originally from Hong Kong, make a complete career change.

'I studied at Edinburgh University and Queen Mary University of London for my post grad, before becoming a legal assistant in commercial law,' says Tiffany, 31.

'When I had the idea I researched the market and couldn’t anything else out there that was similar. I decided to leave my law career and pursue the business idea.'

Tiffany had support from Edinburgh University including with refining her business plan.

What sets her brand apart is that the products are made with luxury materials which are made with comfort in mind.

'You might wonder aren’t all cotton the same? No, they aren’t. The longer the staple of the cotton, the better the quality. Our Organic Pima Cotton measures about 2 inches in length while ordinary cotton is estimated to be 0.75 inches long. Organic Pima Cotton’s softness is unmatched, and our organic cotton bra sets are luxuriously soft and long-lasting,' she says.

'One of the main reasons why bras are not breathable is because the fabric is loose and creates thermal insulation. Organic Pima Cotton is tightly woven to eliminate that uncomfortable and sweaty feeling.'

She is tuned into the issues women with allergies have when it comes to what they wear.

As Tiffany points out, a quarter of all Brits are living with skin conditions, and she is helping to raise awareness that the materials we put next to our skin can make a difference.

'Some women might be allergic to latex and harsh chemicals and so there isn’t any of that in the products. The strap has a double layer of Pima cotton to make it strong but also soft and durable,' she says.

'It is the only brand to be product tested by dermatologists and certified by Allergy Free UK.'

Great British Life: Passion Red Lace organic cotton and silk bralette £58 and brief £25 Credit: Rob StothardPassion Red Lace organic cotton and silk bralette £58 and brief £25 Credit: Rob Stothard

The range of lingerie is not just extremely comfortable, it is also attractive as well with a wide range of different styles to suit all tastes.

Julie worked with a local designer when it came to creating the pretty aesthetics for the brand.

'The look and feel of the lingerie is all based on feedback from customers. They let me know what they need whether it is underwire, support, straps, back support. I also have a cool range for women now who have hot flushes during the menopause' explains Tiffany.

The entrepreneur was commended as one of the Telegraph's female entrepreneurs, and selected as one of the nation’s 100 most inspiring small firms by the Small Business Saturday UK campaign.

As winner of the Young Innovators' Awards 22/23, Tiffany's success with Juliemay was recognised and nurtured by Innovate UK as they saw her potential to become a future leader.

With over 700 applicants from young business owners across the UK, up 25 per cent on the previous year, Juliemay beat off stiff competition to win.

What have been Tiffany's biggest challenges when it has come to creating her business?

'My biggest challenges have been to find a product market fit. I thought I had a good product but it wasn’t’ until I really listened to my customers, I found it,' she says.

Now settled in Herne Bay, Tiffany loves life there.

Great British Life: Juliemay founder Tiffany believes the materials we put next to our skin can make a difference. Credit: Rob StothardJuliemay founder Tiffany believes the materials we put next to our skin can make a difference. Credit: Rob Stothard

'I love where we live, we have a garden, a dog and the beach nearby. We spend a lot of time out on dog walks enjoying all Herne Bay has to offer.'

Tiffany also finds time to give back to other budding entrepreneurs like she was.

'My university helped me so much and so it has been important to me to work with the University of Kent to mentor students. Not all of the students who do the programme will be entrepreneurs, but those skills are very transferable.'

Tiffany’s next plan is to bring her products to Herne Bay.

'People say how hard to get a bra to fit, so having the lingerie in local shops will make it possible for women to have a bra fitting with the Juliemay lingerie,' says Tiffany.