If you go by predictions from décor experts, we can expect to see a lot of burgundy, Barbie -pink and ice-cold blues palettes around this year when it comes to the colour of our Christmas trees.

Back in the not so refined fashions of the 1980s, Christmas décor (if we can even use that word) equated to a fake tree bedecked with multi-coloured lights and swamped with every shade of tinsel available- as well as horrendous foil baubles of course.

Back then a traditional deep green fir (often fake) was the only way to go. These days, however, there’s so much more choice when it comes to the color, size, shape and general aesthetic of your Christmas tree.

But despite all the different shades available these days, it must be said nothing compares to a real verdant Christmas tree as the festive focus for your home. Not only do they look like something out of a picture-perfect Dickensian Christmas card, but their evergreen fragrance evokes the unmistakable essence of the season.

Today the yuletide season is synonymous with the Christmas tree but it wasn’t always the case. Germany is credited with starting the Christmas tree tradition as we now know it today as far back as the 16th century when people-built Christmas pyramids of wood and decorated them with evergreens and candles.

Then in 1846, the popular British royals, Queen Victoria and her German Prince, Albert, were sketched in the Illustrated London News standing with their children around a Christmas tree. Victoria was extremely popular with her subjects at the time and the sketch did wonders for the Christmas tree trend.

The most popular type of tree to be found in UK homes is still the Nordmann Fir. These are full bushy trees with thick needles which make them great for decorating with the kids. They grow slowly and can take a decade to reach 6ft.

The Norway Spruce is also a popular choice. This harks back to Victorian times and boasts full scented firm branches. Because they drop their needles quite regularly, they are ideal as an outside Christmas tree.

And when it comes to the bore fest of having to dispose of your real tree as the decorations come down, you can help the planet and a local charity by recycling it with them.

Heart of Kent Hospice raised more than £7,000 last year by helping local residents to recycle more than 600 trees.This year a team of volunteers can save you having to go out into the cold as they will collect your real spruce, fir or pine tree from your front gate or driveway. The suggested donation for each tree collected is £15. See the hospice website hokh.org for all the details.

Hospice in the Weald and Pilgrims Hospices will also be holding popular Christmas tree collection schemes across Kent this year. hospiceinthweald.org.uk, pilgrimhospices.org

When it comes to choosing your tree this year, whether you want to make a family day of it perusing a forest, want to cut down your own tree or go for something a bit different, here’s a guide of where to get your tree…

Great British Life: Decorations at Time Christmas Rochester (c) Time Christmas Decorations at Time Christmas Rochester (c) Time Christmas


This family run business has been providing top-grade fresh British grown Christmas trees to Kent and beyond for the last 60 years. They have expanded considerably over the past six decades from selling a few trees to now offering a complete Christmas experience that the whole family can enjoy. They plant over 20,000 trees each year in different plantations around the farm and sell traditional spruces and pot grown trees. Make a day of it and along with picking out your tree, visit the venue’s Santa’s grotto, sit by a real log fire and enjoy a hot drink in the café. Open seven days a week from November 18 to Christmas Eve, 9am – 5pm. kingswoodchristmastrees.co.uk


Stunning Hole Park has a long history of growing Christmas Trees, going back over sixty years. From small beginnings as a by-product of estate forestry it is now dedicated specialist growers and keen members of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association. The business ethos is to provide fresh home-grown trees to the UK market for wholesalers, businesses and individuals. Members of the public can visit their yard in the weeks leading up to Christmas and select their perfect real spruce or fir. From the last week in November they are open seven days a week – 10am until 4pm daily. holeparkchristmastrees.co.uk


Stonepitts Farm is a popular destination for families in Kent wanting to choose their own real Christmas tree. The farm boasts a large stock of premium grade Christmas trees in all sizes – from 6ft, 7ft and 8ft Christmas trees up to a towering 14ft! The farmyard will be stocked with premium grade Nordman "low needle-drop" Christmas trees, holly wreaths, mistletoe, tree stands and general good cheer. Helpful staff will assist in netting your chosen tree too. Open seven days a week during December from 9am-5pm. stonepitts.com


If you don’t want the hassle of heading outdoors to get your tree, this professional family run business that produces homegrown Kentish Christmas trees, will deliver it to your door, hassle free. The firm sells Christmas trees in all sizes, ranging from domestic 4ft potted spruces right up to 25ft commercial Christmas Trees. Visit the website to see all the different types available. kentchristmastrees.com


Owing to its extreme popularity in Surrey, Hans Christmas Andersen opened up their Kent Christmas Tree Farm in 2019 at Whitegates Farm and it has already become a popular festive tradition for Christmas tree-hunters each year. You can choose between Nordman Firs, which are the most popular variety in the UK or the classic Norway Spruce, the quintessential Christmas tree. Open seven days a week from November up to December 23. hanschristmasandersen.co.uk.


This farm has been growing quality Christmas trees for over 35 years. The trees are carefully tended from planting until harvest several years later to produce the highest quality. Here they only sell trees they have grown themselves on their farm and cut them fresh to demand. Choose your own Christmas tree in the field and staff will then cut your tree fresh for your chosen date or you can even cut your own tree! Other treats include Santa hats for kids, a Santa post box and a gingerbread tree. Open daily from November 25 to December 10, 9am-4.30pm daily. southlondonchristmastreefarm.co.uk


Black trees, silver trees, white trees, pencil trees, snowy trees.. whatever festive fir you are after you’ll find it at Rochester’s colossal ‘Christmastorium’ - Time Christmas. The seasonal showroom based on the Medway City Estate is packed with every kind of faux tree you can dream of. If you’re not a traditionalist – or even if you are- you’ll find something to tempt your fancy here. Visitors will also be able to meet Santa at his newly refurbished home at Time Christmas for 2023. Visit timechristmas.co.uk for opening times.