Dramatic worktops, curves and colour are just some of the key looks when it comes to interiors this year. We catch up with Kent-based experts who give their thoughts on what's hot for our homes right now...

William Durrant, Herringbone Kitchens

Great British Life: Islands on legs extra detail to the kitchen space and allows for movement CREDIT Herringbone KitchensIslands on legs extra detail to the kitchen space and allows for movement CREDIT Herringbone Kitchens

Islands on legs: For 2024 the “furniture” look is taking over from the heavy fitted look in many aspects including the kitchen island. Butcher-style islands, islands on legs and those in-between are real statement pieces of furniture that give an extra detail to the kitchen space and allows for movement, too.

Neutral cabinetry colours: Earth colours like lime wash, light yellow, pastels instead of cream and greys or just wood is a beautiful design element for 2024. Combining the light base colour of cabinets with darker and more dramatic worktop elevates the design, adding interest whilst keeping the space light, airy and calm, creating a romantic mood and atmosphere.

Dramatic worktops with softer tones on cabinetry: Think dark, moody, red veined worktops adding intrigue and giving character to a space that can also make the worktop a piece of art. The veins can be different colours, particularly deep reds, browns and even gold are stunning elements to a kitchen worktop and adds a lovely bit of extra detail in the design. Splashing out on a gorgeous piece of marble to achieve this offers a whole new level of luxury. Combine this with softer and lighter tones of cabinets and you’re on to a winner.

Natural oak: This includes natural, stained, detailed or washed wood statement pieces such as islands, dressers or display units to bring warmth, elegance and luxurious textures into the kitchen space. This material makes for a lovely and timeless piece of furniture that will stand the test of time. Combined with heavily veined marble these two texture powerhouses create a real wow-factor.

Great British Life: The natural beauty of oak CREDIT Herringbone KitchensThe natural beauty of oak CREDIT Herringbone Kitchens

Textured glass cabinets: Reeded cabinetry, textured glass and all kinds of vertical textures is a beautiful design element for 2024. Not only does it make cabinets, dressers or bars stand out, but it also adds texture to the kitchen and cabinets, whilst hiding the potential mess inside the cupboards.

Minimal wall units, open shelving is preferred: More hidden and simple storage is becoming popular in 2024. Floor to ceiling units and lower runs of cabinets are being designed with clever storage in mind. These combined with the floating shelves and on-display units look wonderful in either oak or stone with a stone splash back. These can be placed above the sink or in utility rooms are beautiful, functional and act as a lovely feature in any space. These shelves open up the kitchen and create a lovely sense of space, especially if you have high units or upper cabinetry.

Shades of plum: warm, inviting and earthy colours like deep plum are shades that pack a punch. The dark with the light is a lovely combination that brings a pop of colour that is evened out by the lighter calming pastels. It adds interest whilst keeping the space warm and soothing.

Dark green with white: whether this is your worktop or your island, dark green and an off white always go well together. A contrast colour adds interest and create a brighter space, it’s all about getting the perfect match.

Darker hardware finishes: brass has been a favourite for many years now and one we adore. However, for 2024 gunmetal, tarnished or darker metal finishes for hardware are flourishing.



Cassie Williams, Truffle Interiors.

Great British Life: Curves, comfort and purpose from this interior by Truffle InteriorsCurves, comfort and purpose from this interior by Truffle Interiors

What’s standing out in the way of home interiors for 2024?

“I’d say curves are going to keep their place, I’m seeing a lot of arches and curves still and having a lot of these conversations with clients about bespoke joinery with a difference…stepping away from your standard shaker style and finishes and adding more glamorous or textural touches to them.

“Storage has been a key theme for me when designing lots of residential interiors. Clever and stylish storage that is really interesting on the eye, again shining through in bespoke joinery and furniture. People are willing to pay more now than ever to get this part of their interior spot on.

“Lighting is also staying a huge focus with lots of shapes and sculptural pieces and potentially less colour but again more textural lower-level lighting like floor lamps and table lamps.

“I’m also seeing a move from darker woods to lighter again, so we’ll see if that continues throughout 2024!”

Great British Life: Cassie says lighting can really make an impact CREDIT Truffle InteriorsCassie says lighting can really make an impact CREDIT Truffle Interiors

Key materials, colours, textures you think will be popular?

“Sustainable materials are really going to carry through into 2024 and become bigger and bigger I think the more we become aware of our usage and consumption.

“Sculptural textures and textural artwork is really seeing its place come through now and I think that’ll get even more popular in 2024.

“Muted tones of greens and blues and neutrals will stick through the year with deeper tones coming into compliment, like deep red/rusts/oranges. Really cocooning and warm colours as we all want to feel comfort and tranquillity in our homes with lives back to their hectic schedules now.”

Your tips for home styling in 2024?

“Keep it simple but impactful! Bigger striking pieces and add depth with deeper colours to really compliment any neutral interior. Add interest in lighting, too. Designs are getting so interesting now we really can make an impact with lighting. Don’t be afraid to go dark, even on the ceilings! I’m always a fan of textural layering so cushions, throws with lots of texture, mix different fabrics like silk and velvet to add that touch of luxury. Keep it simple.”

From a sustainable aspect, do you think this will continue to be an important part of interior design?

“Yes definitely, there is only one way this should be going and that is more sustainability in our use of materials and more thought around this in interiors and even in the build process. “Ways of trying to make this more affordable so people pick sustainable options, too, rather than it being really expensive.”

What you’re looking forward to…any particular projects in the pipeline?

“Yes, I’m definitely looking forward to a very large project I’ve been working on all year coming together in early summer. A very exciting residential project. Also, I have a few exciting bespoke joinery projects that will shine early part of next year. Joinery really is becoming a huge part of every interior at the moment, and I can’t wait to share some latest designs!



Lavinia Watts, Lenleys Home.


Since opening in 1936, Lenleys Home has been committed to providing elegant furnishing solutions in Kent for every aspect of the home. With stores in Canterbury and Maidstone, the Interiors Style Studio at Lenleys Home is a one-stop destination for a complete home interior scheme.

Lenleys Home remains one of the leading furniture retailers in the region, consistently moving with the times to offer exceptional, modern styling from a range of high-end brands in striking surroundings. There’s a vast choice of products and ranges for every home, including curtains, blinds and shutters to wallpaper, paint and awnings.

Lavinia Watts, partner of Lenleys, reveals why colour is important in the home.

Great British Life: Colourful mood boards are a combination between Harlequin and Sophie Robinson available at Lenleys Home CREDIT Andy GoreColourful mood boards are a combination between Harlequin and Sophie Robinson available at Lenleys Home CREDIT Andy Gore

Lavinia said: “Dopamine Décor is my favourite trend of the moment. There is more to colour than aesthetic, it can impact our mood and emotions and depending how brave you want to be you can bring this trend into your home as much or as little as you like.

“Start off with a vibrant wallpaper in your downstairs toilet or if you’re feeling brave use a bright colourful sofa with contrasting paint on the walls to bring pure joy into your home.”

Lavinia is the third generation of the Watts family to take the helm and with a background in fashion buying, she’s continuing the company’s ethos of providing the highest quality furniture to customers.

She added: “I want to carry on the great work started by my dad and grandad and am excited to bring my new style to the brand and to give customers something different from other high street stores.”